10 details by which the interlocutor will read your character without further

Nowadays, you can endlessly express yourself, trying on various images. But still, every time we play ourselves. After all, all those colors, styles and techniques that we have chosen to create an image speak of what kind of character we really are.

We at  66outfit agree with the statement that there will never be a second chance to make a first impression. In our today’s selection – accents in appearance that can tell more about a person than he himself.

1. Strict suit

Overly bright and cheap-looking jewelry can rob an elegant look of solidity . A “funny” detail on a suit in a formal business style can scare off a potential employer, and your counterpart will inform you that you are a rather frivolous person. If you want originality, it is better to choose a classic item with an interesting cut or moderate layering .

2. Excessive femininity

The abundance of “girly” things and accessories creates the effect of a muslin young lady. If you complement a dress with a floral print in a romantic style with sports slip-ons, then you will give the impression of an active and  confident person. You can also slip on a denim jacket or shirt casually.

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