10 exercises to get rid of belly fat that you can do at home

We all want to look healthy, because health is the key to happiness. But sometimes our busy schedule leaves us unable to go to the gym, and even more often we are just too lazy to go out of a cozy house somewhere to go in for sports. And yet, weight loss, according to research , leads the list of our New Year’s promises.

No more excuses! trendingonplanet has developed a home workout routine to quickly say goodbye to a tired stomach that doesn’t want to leave.

Perform these exercises at time intervals: START (20 seconds) and STOP (10 seconds). For each exercise, do 8 approaches. Then take a minute break and continue to the next exercise.

Jumping with a show of hands + burpee

Stand straight, raise your arms above your head and jump, legs apart apart during the jump. Repeat 5 times.

Now bear it. Lean, rest your palms on the floor. Then bounce and stretch your legs back while lying down so as to stand in the push-up position. Now bounce again and return your legs to their original position. Do a burpee 1 time and repeat the first part of the jump exercise.

“Rock climber” + turns of the body in an emphasis lying

Rock climber" + turns of the body in an emphasis lying

Start with the Rock Climber. Stand in the bar. Pull one knee to your chest as close as you can. Repeat movement with the other knee. Perform 4 times with both feet.

“Explosive” platform lifts

"Explosive" platform lifts

To perform explosive lifts you will need a low chair. Place one foot on a chair, rest on it, and bounce. During the jump, change your foot so that now the other is on the chair. Do 8 sets.

Push ups

Push ups

Rest your toes and palms on the floor. Keeping your elbows close to the body, lower the body to the floor so that the elbows bend at an angle of 90 degrees. Lift the casing off the floor. Repeat 8 times.

Jacket + Burpee

Jacket + Burpee

Stand straight, bounce and land in the lunge position. Make sure that the front knee does not protrude beyond the toes. Then bounce and swap the front and back legs. Repeat twice and go to the burpee.



You will need a ball for this exercise. Put your toes on the ball, jump and begin to alternate legs, tapping one or the other on the ball.

Walking in the bar

walk in the bar

Rest your elbows on the floor. Position your legs so that the body forms a straight line from the shoulders to the feet. Now rise to the push-up position, straightening your arms alternately. The back should remain straight.

Sprinter Twists

Sprinter Twists

Lie on your back. Lift your forearms up at a right angle to the body. Then stretch your elbow bent towards the opposite leg, while bending that at the knee. Repeat.

Jump Squats

Stand in a push-up position and bounce by pulling your knees to your chest. Also in the jump, return to the starting position.

Short sumo squats

Short sumo squats

Spread your legs wider than your shoulders and unfold them at an angle of 45 degrees. Now do the squats at an angle of 90 degrees, but lower only half, and then straighten up again.

How soon do you plan to start training? Tell us in the comments.




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