10 little things that make even a well-groomed woman look sloppy

Hearing the word “unkempt”, we immediately imagine a person in crumpled clothes, with unkempt hair and dirty shoes. In fact, such a collective image is an extreme. Sloppiness is betrayed by little things that not everyone will pay attention to.

We at  66outfit have carefully analyzed the images of people and are ready to share a list of details that make the image sloppy.

Unkempt shoes: dirty white soles and clean upper

To make your clothes and shoes last longer, stylists advise you to take proper care of them. First of all, clothes should be clean and tidy, and only then stylish. Very often the shoes are perfectly polished, the sneakers are washed, but the white soles are not. At first glance, this detail is not striking, but it is here that all the dust accumulates, which makes the shoes dirty. Even if the shoe is slightly worn, it is the sole that will give it away. Before leaving the house, take a couple of minutes to tidy up your shoes.

Remains of foundation on hair

Remains of foundation on hair

Surely girls are familiar with such a situation when in a hurry you forget to shade the foundation or, conversely, you extinguish it too actively and part of the product gets on your hair. You won’t pay attention to such a trifle right away, so before leaving the house it is better to look at yourself “at the path”.

Regrown cuticle on nails covered with gel polish

Regrown cuticle on nails covered with gel polish

Many have faced this problem: the gel polish has already grown, but has not chipped, the cuticle also looks stale. If you don’t have time to go to the salon, try to do a manicure at home or choose a European uncoated manicure – then the cuticle will not be so striking.

Sloppy eyelash extensions

As well as the condition of the nails, you need to monitor extended eyelashes and do not miss the moment when neat eyelashes begin to look sloppy. Sometimes girls are lucky and the extended eyelashes fall out evenly – in this case, a sharp transition can be avoided. But this is not always so lucky, most often the eyelashes fall out in the middle of the eye, leaving “gaps” that have to be painted over with mascara. If there is no time to go to the master, buy a remover and remove the regrown eyelashes at home.

Soap under and on the ring

People rarely remove rings from their fingers when they wash their hands – it is easy to drop or lose jewelry. However, many were faced with an unpleasant moment: soap gets stuck under the rings – both under the classic ones and with stones. It is not so easy to notice it right away, but it looks untidy. To avoid these situations, use liquid soap – it is easier to wash off your hands.

Heap of checks in a bag

Together with the change, checks also go to the wallet or bag. But when there are too many checks, the women’s bag turns into a mini-Narnia, in which it is easy to get lost. If checks need to be kept for reporting, you need to define a separate pocket for them in your bag or even put them in a small folder. Then, to find documents or keys, you don’t have to spend half an hour. Instead of putting everything in your purse, fill it with useful items that every woman can use.

Incorrectly selected underwear

Almost all girls, regardless of their shape or size of clothes, may have armpits. And it’s not about weight, but about the wrong underwear. There are many nuances to consider to get the perfect fit . The main thing is to take measurements correctly and evaluate each of the models according to 3 parameters: belt, cup and shoulder straps. When raising your arms and moving, the belt should remain in place, but do not press on – 2 fingers should fit under the fastener.

Traces of improper ironing on clothes

Even if you all your life and do what you stroke, it is not a fact that you are doing it right . Due to improper ironing, creases appear on clothes – it is they who often make the image sloppy. To avoid these streaks, iron T-shirts and shirts at a suitable temperature for the fabric and preferably on the wrong side.

Makeup marks on the hand

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The most convenient place for testing or shading cosmetics is with your left hand. It is on her that we squeeze out the foundation, which we then distribute over the face, and it is here that we brush off the excess funds. As a result, a dirty stain remains on the hand, which looks sloppy and causes questions from others. To quickly remove makeup marks from your hand, place a small bottle of micellar water or makeup remover wipes on the shelf by the exit  .

Dirty case and phone

The phone is a gadget that we use every day and that we constantly carry with us. It is not surprising that the smartphone does not always look perfect: the glass is stained, the case is stained. To make your smartphone look neater, get in the habit of wiping it down with a napkin several times a day. A worn cover also betrays sloppiness, especially at special events. If you can’t constantly change the covers, buy a separate minimalistic case and put it on your phone when the look needs to be perfect, even in the smallest detail.

What usually makes you feel sloppy?

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