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10 once beloved trends that have finally gone out of fashion

1. Doll eyelashes

In recent years, voluminous long eyelashes have become an integral part of the image of every second fashionista. Moreover, this industry is developing rapidly, opening up more and more new techniques and effects for lovers of chic and glamor. However, most celebrities and fashion bloggers have already refused the services of lashmakers, preferring naturalness. This indicates that this trend is living out its last days. Those who are not yet ready to completely abandon artificial eyelashes should pay attention to the classic extension, which can emphasize the depth of look.

2. Pajama style

Pajama-style costumes broke into fashion in 2017. This trend was not to everyone’s taste, but this did not stop him from holding out on the fashionable Olympus for two whole years. And this fall, pajamas suits finally crossed out of the list of fashionable things. So, all opponents of this trend can breathe a sigh of relief, because now pajamas will again return to the category of exclusively home clothes.

3. Cross body bag

Unexpectedly, but everyone’s favorite cross-body bag also entered the antitrend list. Instead of a small handbag on a long strap hanging below the waist, came bananas, handbags, belts, as well as small evening bags on short straps or chains.

4. Twisted Jeans

The fashion for tucked up jeans and bare ankles has taken root so much that it is already hard to imagine how we used to wear jeans. However, in this season, cropped trousers were included in the list of antirends, which is why designers strongly recommend recalling jeans of classic length.

5. Bandage dress

A bandage dress, consisting of many elastic ribbons, can even make candy out of an imperfect figure. That is why, many fashionistas have such a dress hanging in the closet and are waiting for a special occasion. True this season, stylists do not recommend wearing dresses of this type at the exit. This season, tight cases were replaced by flared silhouettes, natural fabrics and a loose cut.

6. Careless eyebrows

Very thick careless eyebrows at the time introduced the fashion of Cara Delevingne, forcing many girls to abandon the tweezers and begin to grow hairs in this area. However, the period of chaos is drawing to a close. According to Novate.ru, tousled and overgrown eyebrows are replaced by shiny, wide sable eyebrows, laid in a beautiful natural shape.

7. Ripped jeans

Now it’s even hard to remember when ripped jeans entered our lives. With their help, it was always possible to create careless and relaxed images. Of course, this trend had many opponents, but even with time, no, no, but looked at small cuts and scuffs. And now, Novate.ru editors officially announce that ripped jeans are on the list of antitrends. In place of daring scuffs and tears, came classic models, flared and noble colors.

8. Pleated skirt

Last year, pleated skirts burst into fashion. Particularly popular with fashionistas were models just below the knees. What can I say, many fashionistas during this time managed to acquire several skirts in a crease. If you are one of them, we hasten to disappoint you, such skirts no longer inspire designers and stylists recommend abandoning their wearing.

9. Fur loafers

Fur loafers were a real discovery, which recently exploded the fashion world and quickly moved to the masses. However, as you know, the age of mass trends is very short, which is not surprising, because what everyone has is no longer exclusive and desirable. So fur loafers suffered this fate. They are no longer sold even on the Gucci website, and it was this fashion house that introduced them into fashion.

10. Down jacket with a skirt

Like everything new and unusual, winter down jackets with skirts quickly gained a certain number of fans. Many fashionistas saw in these chickens a kind of alternative to dresses that are not very comfortable to wear in winter. However, according to stylists, this trend has already outlived its own and is no longer interesting. This season, such a model can only be in a children’s wardrobe, and adult young ladies should pay attention to something more sophisticated.

The first cold weather already made many get their winter clothes. Scarves and snoods, cardigans and parks – all this was at the peak of popularity. We have compiled a list of warm clothes from last year that this winter is better not to wear so as not to look like a bumpkin.

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