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10 once fashionable exterior changes that everyone did and now suffer

Tunnels in the ears

Fashion is a whimsical, capricious and changeable thing. Often, in pursuit of bright and relevant images, we buy unexpected things. This endless marathon does not cause any damage, except financial. It’s another matter when the standards of beauty require us to change the mortal shell. There is always a risk here: the now popular trend will be forgotten after a while, but the modifications will remain forever.

We at  66outfit have prepared a list of the once fashionable transformations that leave an indelible mark on our bodies (and at the same time in our souls).

Artificial eyelashes

Artificial eyelashes

Eyelash extension is a standard procedure and quite harmless if you follow a few rules. It is not worth showing off with artificial eyelashes for a long time . Better to make such improvements for some reason.

According to ophthalmologists, eyelash extensions can slow down the growth of natural eyelashes or even  fall out. Another danger is dry eye syndrome. Before the procedure, you need to check the allergic reaction to the glue with which the eyelashes are attached.

  • When I extended my eyelashes for the first time, I really liked the result. But after 6 months I decided to stop. The fake eyelashes fell out too quickly and looked very frayed after a couple of weeks. And my own after the extension weakened, and it seemed that someone cut them off with scissors. © sadiebenz / reddit



Fashion for eyebrow shape is changeable, like northern weather. Thirty years ago, at the peak of popularity, there were thin, always amazed strings. Then the modest eyebrows were replaced by the rich ones. It looks like this cycle is endless.

Tattooing and microblading are popular now. A very convenient thing : I did it once, and then you just need to update it every few months. In fact, the quality of the tattoo depends on the  artist . If the eyebrows turn out to be asymmetric or poor-quality paint is used, then it will not be possible to get rid of such beauty soon.

  • When I was in high school, I plucked my eyebrows down to a fine thread. And why didn’t I notice that it didn’t suit me at all? © Joy Keeler / Quora
  • I decided to make eyebrow tattoo. First, the master persuaded me to have black eyebrows (I am red and white-skinned). I insisted on a mixture of cocoa and dark chestnut colors. Unfortunately, he used the wrong ink, and when the cocoa color evaporated, my eyebrows turned orange. And this color is still with me. ©  Elle Hayes / Quora



Piercing penetrated the masses somewhere in the late 90s – early 00s. Carnations in the nose, small rings in the eyebrows, lips and other unexpected parts of the body looked intriguing and bright.

The most popular place for jewelry was the navel. Show business stars became the pioneers of this fashion. Fascinated by the pictures of sparkling carnations and rings that adorn the tanned bellies of famous singers, the girls rushed to pierce their navels.

  • I still regret the piercing in the navel. When I was taking off my clothes, I accidentally pulled out a carnation and got a torn scar. And the piercing in my tongue damaged my teeth. © Christi Zelaya / Quora



Tattoos are a completely normal and common decoration. Skillful hands of a master can even create a real masterpiece. With the help of the image, you can hide scars and cosmetic skin defects, which is undoubtedly a plus. The main thing is to choose what you really like, and not what is popular, as the fashion will pass, but the tattoo will remain.

  • I really wanted to get the first tattoo as quickly as possible, so I didn’t really think about the image or where I would get it. I chose the first salon I saw and showed the cover of the album of the then favorite group there. Alas, the picture turned out not very good, so after 3 years I just stuffed another image on top (I was lucky and the master was able to do it). I still think why I chose the cover for the tattoo. I haven’t even listened to this band for a long time. © Ashley Starr / Quora
  • I almost immediately regretted the Chinese character tattoo. As it turned out, the translation was not at all what I expected. I had to fill in another image over the hieroglyphs. © niky45 / Reddit

Tunnels in the ears

Tunnels in the ears

This trend loses somewhat in popularity to conventional piercings, but it looks more impressive. With the help of special rings of different diameters, ordinary punctures in the ears are increased to a very solid size.

The only problem  is that such holes, even stretched to the minimum size, never completely heal. Surgery with sutures is required to close the tunnel.

  • From my own experience I learned how to stretch the holes in the ears incorrectly. I forcibly tried to enlarge the tunnel and as a result I got a scar. Therefore, although I got rid of the tunnels, they still do not overgrow. I advise everyone to think carefully before this procedure. Getting rid of the tunnels most often requires surgery. © Daniel Caldwell / Quora



The bronze body has been the standard of beauty for a long time. In the summer everyone has been roasting in the sun since dawn. In winter, when the sun did not please with light or warmth, it was necessary to go to the solarium a couple of times a week to maintain the achieved effect.

All this had an extremely detrimental effect on the skin, leading to the appearance of early wrinkles, dryness, and irritation. And these are not the most unpleasant possible effects. All others are already directly related to the risk of life.

  • I went to school in the 2000s, it was just the era of glamor, when girls went on high heels and painted their lips with foundation. A bunch of my classmates sat down on a solarium and constantly looked as if they had just arrived from the south yesterday. Moreover, the tan was very strong and somehow unhealthy. The chemist tried to convey to them that frying like this in a solarium is not the most useful thing to do, but they did not really listen to her. As a result, at a meeting of classmates 12 years after graduation, the negative effect of these procedures was already noticeable: loose skin, fine wrinkles. It’s good that tanning is out of fashion now.

Extension of nails with acrylic

Extension of nails with acrylic

A very popular procedure that began to be done back in the last century. Acrylic itself is not harmful, but when using this tool, you should give your own nails a rest. The acrylic coating protects them from damage, but the nails become thin and brittle.

  • Unfortunately, acrylic doesn’t work well on nails. Mine became thin and brittle. © Katie Gall Costa / Quora
  • I tried acrylic nails, but soon gave them up. If the coating is slightly detached and water gets between it and the natural plate, fungus may develop. We’ll have to go to the salon and treat our fingers with acetone. You should not remove acrylic yourself either. You can accidentally remove the top layer of a natural nail (or, in extreme cases, the nail itself). © Sandy Andina / Quora

Colored contact lenses

Colored contact lenses
Colored contact lenses give the eyes a unique shade and change their appearance beyond recognition. This is a completely harmless accessory if the lenses are purchased after a visit to the ophthalmologist. Such things can only be purchased from certified companies , otherwise the eyes can be irreparably damaged.
  • I have been using contact lenses for over 15 years. Once I decided to order funny colored copies of some unfamiliar brand via the Internet. As a result, I had to take them off literally in a few minutes. It felt like sand got into my eyes. My eyes continued to hurt, and I walked in glasses for a week.


The precious stones shimmering mysteriously on the velvet of the leather look very attractive . Now you don’t need to buy necklaces, bracelets and rings: jewelry can be implanted directly into the body.

The main thing is to choose the right part of the body for their placement. Fingers, lips, back, shoulders are not the best place. Clothes and other items will constantly cling to the jewelry, injuring the skin.

  • Has done piercings more than once. But with microdermals I failed. The body continued to reject jewelry even 4 months after the procedure. Perhaps because I put them in the wrong place – next to the bra strap. I can say that the microdermal implantation procedure was the most painful when compared with the rest of the punctures. And this is the only modification I got rid of. © Cheyenne K / Quora

Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup is a real salvation for those who are allergic to cosmetics. The main disadvantage is already spelled out in the title. You can get rid of the contour only with the help of laser correction. Therefore, the procedure should be done by a trusted master.

  • I was persuaded to make a permanent eyeliner for the lower eyelid. The result was not very good. I look like a former prisoner with a tear dripping from his eye. Now I don’t even know what to do. © Anonymous / Quora
  • Do not use permanent eyeliner. This can lead to dry eye syndrome. © b *** sinseats / Reddit
  • I would not advise anyone to do permanent makeup. Any ink will change colors over time. Tested on our own experience. © snapplesss / Reddit

Finding your own unique look is a never-ending and exciting challenge. The main thing is to rely on your inner feelings and experience, and not on the latest fashion trends

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