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10 ways to make money on Pinterest

Pinterest is a popular platform for inspiration and communication today. 300 million people use the service every month, while the audience is loyal and interested. For many brands, this resource is already a proven promotion tool, since it is great for presenting goods, services, content in any area of ​​business. People use Pinterest for inspiration and ideas. They look for recipes, interior ideas, illustrations, useful information in infographics – in general, the most diverse content. This means that this service is suitable for promoting various projects: from photography services to online stores.

Getting to know Pinterest 

To start making money on Pinterest, you need to understand how it works. 


The Pinterest platform appeared in 2011 and immediately gained an audience. Today it is one of the fastest growing social networks. In the US and Europe, she is no less popular than Instagram. In Russia, the picture is slightly different. The low popularity of Pinterest among Russian users is explained by the fact that the developers added the Russian version only in 2016. But if you look at the rate at which English-language content is growing, then all doubts will disappear. The monthly audience of Pinterest in Russia is over 43 million people.

The female audience immediately appreciated the service, where you can find ideas for stylish images, save links to your favorite items from online stores, see recipes and creative ideas, get inspired by other people’s work and share your own. The target audience of the service is women between the ages of 18 and 40, who often use social media to shop and search for new brands. 

At first glance, Pinterest and Instagram are very similar social networks: a common target audience, a photo album concept, an emphasis on beauty and aesthetics, a social network that reflects a range of interests, etc. Indeed, there are similarities. But the main difference between Pinterest is the ability to save your favorite Pins by “pinning” them to your board and filter content, avoiding uninteresting topics. When registering an account, a user indicates topics of interest to him – and the platform selects content according to these criteria. 

Thus, Pinterest is a great opportunity to express yourself and your interests. Monetization is easy to build around selling a variety of products, educational materials, creative content, and more. Pinterest will be useful for both the aspiring entrepreneur and the running business. 

How Pinterest Can Help Business

  • Growth in the number of clients. Every day, Pinterest’s audience is getting bigger. And if you start promoting your account now, you can get a good conversion to your site.
  • Free advertising. On Pinterest, you can promote your product and engage your audience – all you have to do is publish attractive images that users will “pin” on their boards, and add links that direct you to the landing page. 
  • Additional traffic to the site. By publishing on Pinterest, you can attract users to your resource. You can promote without any investment by simply duplicating the content that you use on your main resource (in the catalogs of an online store, a blog on Instagram, in advertising materials, etc.). More and more Pinterest users are starting to search here for specific services and products. And this is a chance to become one of the first to satisfy customer demand.
  • Communication with customers.  Pinterest is another platform for communicating with your customers, exploring their interests and needs. 
  • Filling the media space. Pinterest allows you to create a business account and provides commercial users with additional functionality, for example: free analytics, advertising, online deals, publishing special offers. 
  • Presentation of your products. Pinterest can act as a catalog of your products or services, which contains links to your main resource. 


Obviously, Pinterest is a great tool for interacting with customers interested in your business. In the long term, it allows you to recruit a constant target audience. 


Companies effectively use the service for business in various fields. The following popular topics on Pinterest are: fashion, design, tourism, photo ideas, creativity, healthy lifestyle and sports, the beauty industry, cooking. If your business specializes in one of these topics, feel free to start promoting on Pinterest.

Examples of using Pinterest for business


We promote the product. Let’s say you have an online kitchenware store and you want to attract as many interested customers as possible to your site. Create a Pinterest account, set it up, make thematic boards and fill them with content. You can use the photos that you published on the site. You’ve probably turned to a photographer for your catalog, seasonal deals, or Instagram account. Interest will be aroused by photos with serving ideas, where your dishes are demonstrated; or a recipe for a dish that is laid out on a beautiful plate from your new assortment; ideas for cozy photos, where your product is used as a props. People who like the photos will save, like, comment on your Pins, and also follow the attached link to your online store. 

We promote the service. Now let’s imagine that you are a photographer and want to advertise your services. Then your Pinterest account will turn into your portfolio. In addition to beautiful works, you can publish content that is useful for future clients: create boards with the selection of an image for a photo shoot in a specific topic, upload photo life hacks for posing, and more. And it is allowed to attach a link to each photo that leads to your site, where you can sign up for a photo session. 


We promote content. You are now a blogging author. On Instagram, on your website or other resource – it is not so important. The main thing is that you want to promote your content to the masses. Those who see your content on Pinterest and are interested will click on the link.

How you can make money on Pinterest

1. Driving traffic to your website or blog

Many entrepreneurs use social media to promote a ready-made business or online store. Pinterest is great for this purpose. You can publish Pins and Posts by adding links to your own resources, related product information.

If you want to monetize your handicraft, post a photo of your work and indicate the price (on Pinterest it is customary to indicate the price in dollars). If you already have an online store, post a photo of the products and attach a link to your website. Interested people will follow the link and make purchases. 


Thus, by creating a page on Pinterest, you will save on advertising. At the very least, you will increase site traffic. As a maximum, you will find new clients and get additional income. 

2. Affiliate programs

An affiliate program is a common form of cooperation that allows a seller to reduce advertising costs and customer acquisition. The system works at the expense of those who publish affiliate links to the product on their own sites or pages in social networks. For the purchases made, the seller charges the partner a percentage (usually 2-10% of each transaction). 


With this scheme, you can make money on different social networks – and Pinterest is no exception. Many large stores, for example, Aliexpress, Amazon, Lamoda, are ready to cooperate with popular Pinterest accounts. You should select partners in such a way that the advertisement fits logically into the topic of your target category. Then the advertising effect will be better. 

3. Selling your goods

The most convenient way to sell something on Pinterest is virtual, which can be easily sent to the buyer, regardless of geographic location: programs, templates, design logos, e-books. 


Another category that sells well on Pinterest is handicrafts. Publish photos of products on the service and attach a link leading to your resource from which you can place an order, for example, your website, a blog on Instagram or a store on Etsy.com. So, in just one click, the buyer will be able to go to your store and exactly to the product that interests him. 

4. Boards with pay access

This method is suitable only for those who have a loyal subscriber base and content that they will be willing to pay for. The bottom line is to compose closed boards, access to which users will only be able to access after paying for a subscription. What can you post on these paid boards? Ideas for posing for photos, useful information in infographics, collections of stylish images. And this, by the way, is the opportunity to monetize content twice – first you look for a clothing store to place affiliate links and compose images from these things. And then you invite subscribers to get access to secret boards. 

5. Teaching Others to Work on Pinterest

Infobusiness is now in great demand. If you have experience with Pinterest, you can share valuable insights with others. Teach others to use the resource, tell about its specifics, promotion secrets, monetization schemes. This niche is practically free, only a couple of books on the topic have been published abroad, and in Russian there are only translations.

So collect all your knowledge and experience in lessons, master class or guide. You can arrange training information in different ways: in the form of a PDF document available via a paid link, in the format of an archive with videos, through special educational platforms, etc. For details on how to sell information products, we wrote here .

6. Promotion and sale of accounts

This scheme works in different social networks: you first promote your account on Pinterest, collect an audience, and then sell it to another user. There is another option – you offer your services to promote your accounts on Pinterest. Orders can be found on freelance exchanges (kwork.ru, fl.ru, Yandex.Services, freelance.ru, etc.). On average, such a service costs from 1000-1500 rubles per month for one project.

7. Web Design: Making Board Covers For Money

On Pinterest pages, it is increasingly difficult to find exclusive creative content that will allow authors and bloggers to stand out from the competition. Templates, filters, stickers are now widespread – all of this is used in large quantities, as a result of which individuality is lost. 

Designers who are ready to create unique content will help fix this. You can make your own templates, complex settings for all materials for publication. 

Look for clients on the same Pinterest, posting examples of work in your account, and through freelance exchanges, offering exclusive design services.

8. Selling Pinterest Software 

People interested in promoting Pinterest are looking for different tools to get the job done. There are not many offers yet, and you can take advantage of this. An example of such a useful piece of software is the Tailwind service. Users are offered various SMM tools that make it easier to work with Pinterest. For example, automate posting, provide analytics, manage multiple accounts, etc. Thousands of organizations and bloggers pay a monthly fee to the creators of the service. 

9. Administering Pinterest Accounts

If you are well versed in this service, then you can provide services for administering your Pinterest accounts. Typically, info business people and bloggers don’t have enough time to manage their Pinterest accounts. You promote other people’s boards and earn money, customers get cheap advertising and traffic to your resource. 

10. Pinterest Sponsored Publications 

Finding direct advertisers on Pinterest is difficult, but there are still options for cooperation and they work great. Offer sponsored placements to companies, brands, online stores. To monetize your account, you only need subscribers and an advertiser willing to cooperate with you. The scheme is more complicated than affiliate links, because you not only place a link to a resource, but you can also create advertising content yourself, develop an advertising strategy, and so on. This type of cooperation involves the provision of a whole range of advertising services and, therefore, is more expensive. 

In custody

We have listed the main ways to make money on Pinterest. Considering the growth rate of this social network, it is definitely worth paying attention to and already now actively use the opportunities. Competition in the Russian segment is still low. 

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