11 fashion trends of the recent past that today even ladies will turn into a simpleton

Fashion changes very quickly, and it is an art to match it. We are so fond of some trends that we do not want to part with them in any way. Very often we do not notice that such things imperceptibly reduce the cost of the image. Yesterday’s fashion today can easily play a cruel joke and write us into retro fans, whether we like it or not.

66outfit follows fashion changes with curiosity, so we prepared a list of things that have already disappeared from catwalks and glossy pages. And he found out how they can be replaced.

1. Narrow glasses

Narrow glasses

Extremely narrow sunglasses quickly became a trend, loved by designers and fashion influencers. Frankly speaking, such glasses protected from the sun so-so. Today they are a thing of the past, giving way to massive retro frames . Frames with clearly defined geometric lines and classic “aviators” are also in favor with the couturier.

2. Bomber jackets

Bomber jackets

Over the past few years, bombers of all shapes and sizes have filled the wardrobes of fashion and fashionistas around the world. After all, they looked equally stylish with both sports shoes and high-heeled shoes. In the 2020/2021 season, they will be replaced by more elegant jackets and coats with a belt. By the way, they can also be combined with different shoes.

3. Cropped flared jeans

Cropped flared jeans

A cropped version of flared trousers has appeared on the catwalks more than once. It is difficult to find a pair of this thing : they look advantageous either with heels or on very tall girls. For the rest, they will visually “cut” growth. As an alternative, designers suggest choosing straight or wide standard-length trousers. Another novelty is the banana-style denim jeans at the bottom.

4. Belt bags

Belt bags

When belt bags, a sort of echo of the 90s, appeared in the collections of top designers, the opinions of the fashion public were divided. Someone curled their lips, while others actively introduced them into their wardrobe. Such a bag has become indispensable for many: you can put everything you need there and free your hands. Fortunately or unfortunately, this fashion trend will be replaced by shoulder bags with massive textures or large inserts, such as chains.

5. Neon


Neon shades did not hold their positions for too long – they are only appropriate in nightclubs. In everyday life, it is very difficult to find a decent match for them . For the coming season, designers are opting for more subdued colors that show moderation in everything. For example, the Pantone Color Institute named mustard, olive and cream on the list of colors of the year.

6. Plastic accessories and shoes

Plastic accessories and shoes

Plastic boots, sandals, bags, umbrellas and other accessories can be left in the closet until better times. Shoes and bags made of such material are not only impractical, but also will not add warmth on an autumn day. Instead, pay attention to the massive shoes with laces or boots with decorative chain.

7. An abundance of logos

An abundance of logos

Famous brands have abundantly decorated clothing and accessories with their logos. In 2020, to replace them come neutral ensembles, not pointing directly at the manufacturer. Calm shades, in particular beige and white, are also in trend.

8. Decorations in a nautical style

Decorations in a nautical style

Shell or shell-shaped jewelry ruled fashion in 2019 along with the boho style. Today, the beloved curly shell on the neck will be somewhat out of character, because other trends set the tone. The designers have set a course for neutral tones and serenity, which best emphasize pearls.

9. Skirt with leopard print

Skirt with leopard print

It is not the first season that the leopard print is desperately trying to dislodge from the fashion Olympus. Perhaps it has already become a classic, but skirts of a similar color in 2020 are fading into the shadows. Voluminous dresses or skirts are in favor with women of fashion. Tiers, flounces and light fabrics help to “enlarge” the thing.

10. Different earrings

Different earrings in one look seemed like a fresh solution not so long ago, in 2018. But this trick quickly became boring , and the classic version of wearing earrings comes to replace. They can be massive, but most importantly, they are the same.

11. Hoodie dress

Hoodie dresses are comfortable to wear all day because they are soft and comfortable. But today it is difficult to surprise them, they are boring for both designers and others. Take a closer look at knitted dresses that are equally comfortable to wear. In the fall of 2020, couturiers are again turning to the rebellious cage . If the red and black colors seem too provocative, you can choose a more neutral scale.

What’s the number one thing on your personal anti-trend list?

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