12 familiar things that designers finally brought to perfection

In the modern world, people increasingly prefer not just beautiful, but necessarily functional clothes. It is so pleasant when the accessory or wardrobe item is thought out to the smallest detail and is able not only to decorate the image, but also to make life easier: for example, a small clutch, if necessary, to put something large, expands to the size of a bag, and comfortable and spectacular leggings are complemented by insanely necessary pockets for phone and other little things.

We at Trendingonplanet love the “smart” design of things and always rejoice when we can tell our readers about something convenient and of high quality.

A hungry baby will not catch her mother by surprise if she is wearing such a T-shirt, with a well-thought-out design for feeding, eliminating the need to remove or tear up clothes.

Such a bracelet and, in combination, an external battery will not only be a great addition to a stylish look, but will also save you in a situation where there is little charge left on the phone and no wires and sockets are at hand.

It is not very hygienic to fold sports shoes with clothing, and wrapping it in a bag is a bit dreary. This bag has a special shoe pocket on the side, it is insulated with a zipper from the main compartment.

Belt for the preservation of values

This accessory is not necessary to be visible – it will easily hide under clothes and will be a great solution both for a walk when you don’t feel like taking a bag with you (but you need to put your keys, money and phone somewhere), and for going to a club or another private event where it is better to have a stash with you in case of emergency.

Another option for carrying an emergency amount of money and a card, but only in the cold season. A secret wallet with a belt is fixed on the leg and then hides under high boots.

You never know how shopping will turn out. Such a clutch allows you not to carry a bulk bag, but it can expand if you need to put a large purchase inside so as not to carry it in your hands or in a separate bag.

Self-adhesive sweat stains

Deodorants do not always save you from perspiration. In order not to embarrass at an important meeting or event, you can use special linings that stick to a T-shirt or other outerwear and effectively absorb moisture.

Vest backpack transformer

This item of clothing is perfect for a picnic or walk with children. For example, in the warm daytime, you can put on children’s blouses and conveniently carry it on your shoulder as a backpack, and in the evening hand out clothes to children and put on a vest.

Jacket with a pocket for a child

This jacket for two is designed for mothers who carry their children in slings. It allows you to carry the child both in front and on the back.

Leggings with pockets

Leggings are a very convenient and effective element of sportswear. But this is bad luck: as a rule, pockets are not provided for them at all. In the same models, they finally appeared and simplified the lives of girls who want to go for a walk or go in for sports walking light.

Sports T-shirt with a pocket for a phone on the back

The second option for storing your phone for jogging or fitness, when your sports uniform consists of leggings and a sports shirt, is a pocket provided on the back of the top.

Hat with integrated Bluetooth headset

Such a cap not only protects your head from the cold, but also allows you not to bother even with a wireless headset, which in any case limits hearing and forces you to remove it from your ears on the street.

Do you have any ideas how to significantly improve things that are already familiar to everyone?

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