13 beauty tips that are out of date

If you want beautiful skin – drink more water

In fact, will not be worse , if you drink plenty of clean water. Only here the latest research shows , that the skin almost does not respond to you consumed liquid. Water takes too long a path and does not reach the epidermal cells.

Sleep , do not wash makeup – crime

Yes you give up. If every day , yes use theatrical makeup , and not modern means … well, yes. But if after a merry party you fall to sleep , leaving the skin quality foundation , and on the eyelashes – a good mascara , with your skin and eyes will not happen absolutely nothing wrong with that.

To make your hair beautiful , you need to comb it more often

Only if you have them completely straight. Wavy or curly hair will only hurt you! And you electrify , by the way. Combed in the morning with a comb with wide teeth or a soft brush – and leave your hair alone.

Makeup is best applied with brushes.

This myth has been successfully supported by the fact , that it brushes professional makeup artists work. But we forget , that their task – to make the face beautiful model for photography or podium. The life is much better to apply makeup with your fingers : the layer get thinner , and the distribution will be more even.

Hair styling will only be kept on clean hair.

Do not consider us a mess , but braids , plaits , various weaving , bunches and texture haircuts ideally fit just on the second day after washing. We are , of course , not about the situation , when the hair and scalp is greasy , and the head really looks dirty.

Shampoo hair

The error here is in the word  necessary.” It is better to replace it with the word  can.” Because without shampoo, the hair is perfectly cleaned , say , if you just rinse them with warm water and use conditioner or rinse with apple cider vinegar.

Hair needs to be washed every day.

Maximum – in a day. In fact, it starts a vicious cycle: the more you wash , the more sebum is released , the faster your hair gets dirty , the more you wash it … Yes , it’s hard to endure. But if you make up your mind and are not going to wash my hair with shampoo a week , and then another , you will be surprised , how much less become dirty hair. If you decide, write to us , we have not met such heroines yet.

To keep your hair healthy , you need to cut it every three months.

None of the hair stylists we interviewed confirmed this information. You need to cut your hair for three reasons: the ends are split , the hair has become too long, or the haircut has lost its shape. There is no  health” haircut.

For oily skin, do not use oils.

How many times told the world , that the vegetable oil clean , soften and reduce inflammation , but the tenacious myth. Use your health , if you like!

Do not crush acne

With dirty hands , and then immediately cover up with a tonic , and the truth is not worth it. But if you are washed , carefully got rid of reptile and caused over a disinfecting agent , the problem will disappear much more quickly , than if you follow the natural course of events.

Need to find your wrinkle cream

Pamper yourself well and correctly , but in reality the cream with retinol will help you from the first wrinkles. Any cream with retinol .

The concealer should be a tone lighter than the skin

No , if you do not do contouring or strobing. The concealer should be as close as possible in tone to your skin , only then it will be invisible.

Only stupid girls go to the gym with makeup

This is about the opinions of others silly girls are worried. If you are comfortable doing makeup with eyelashes and lip gloss – and health. The only advice is that the tonal product is still best to wash off.


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