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14 facts about Bhutan – a country where there are no homeless people and medicine is free for everyone

A mysterious and very picturesque country located between India and China, it was closed to tourists until 1974. Today, anyone can visit Bhutan, but you need to go through a lot of formalities and have a considerable amount of money. Despite the opening of the borders, the king protects his state from the flow of tourists in all possible ways.

66outfit decided to understand the traditions and numerous prohibitions of this country and find out why its residents are absolutely happy.

1. Lack of internet and television

Bhutan officially banned television and the Internet until 1999. It was no longer possible to isolate the country from the influence of modern technologies, so the king of Bhutan opened access to these benefits of civilization for the inhabitants. Consequently, Bhutan became the last country in the world to use television.

2. Ministry of Happiness

In order to take care of the spiritual world of every inhabitant, the Commission on General People’s Happiness was established in 2008 in the country. Even in the questionnaire for the population census, there is a special column in which you need to indicate how much you are satisfied with everything in life.

But that’s not all. The Ministry of Happiness functions here , and in general the concept of happiness is at the head of national policy. By the way, the concept of gross domestic product (GDP) in Bhutan has been replaced by the concept of gross national happiness , that is, the quality of life here is determined by the balance between material and spiritual values.

3. No homeless people

There are no street people in Bhutan . If a person loses his home, he just needs to turn to the king – it is he who allocates land on which to build a house and engage in agriculture.

Now it becomes a little clearer why Bhutanese people consider themselves to be happy people.

4. Free medicine

Every resident of the country has the right to  free medical care. Interestingly, both traditional and classical medicine is practiced in Bhutan and the patient can choose the method of treatment himself.

5. National dress code

Bhutanese people wear traditional clothes . For men, these are knee-length shirts, and women wear floor-length dresses. Moreover, the status and social belonging of a person determine the color of the scarf, which is tied over the left shoulder. Ordinary citizens wear white scarves, while nobles and monks wear yellow.

7. Respect for animals and nature

The country is very concerned about the ecology and flora. Particular attention is paid to tree planting. By the way, in 2015 a world record was set in Bhutan , when residents planted 50 thousand trees in just an hour.

8. Features of the kitchen

The vast majority of Bhutanese are Buddhists. And since this religion teaches respect for the entire animal world, vegetarianism is widespread in the country . All dishes are based on rice. Moreover, ordinary rice cannot grow in conditions of mountain peaks. The Bhutanese grow red rice, which is very hard and has a distinctive flavor.

Particular attention is paid to the tea ceremony. Butanese people drink black or green tea with salt, a pinch of pepper and a  spoonful of butter .

9. Difficult tourism

Although the king opened the borders for tourists, he does not allow them to flood the country. You can get to Bhutan only as part of a tourist group . All documents and visas are handled by the only company appointed by the state. To obtain an entry permit, you need to pay all expenses in advance (flight, hotel, fees and commissions, tour operator and guide services, visa and insurance).

Traveling around the country is possible only on transfers provided by the tour operator, and exclusively accompanied by guides. You won’t be able to go for a walk on your own. Bhutanese tour operator offers various programs for everyone. One day of the program costs an average of $ 250.

There is only one airline on the territory of the country, which carries out all transportation. The prices for rooms in hotels are set by the state. In fairness, it should be noted that there are both modest hotels and comfortable 5-star spa hotels.

10. Traditions of inheritance of property

Women in Bhutan are honored and respected. One of the most striking confirmation of this is the topic of inheritance. All property here goes not to the son, but to the eldest daughter . Usually this is a house, livestock and a piece of land.

11. Ecology is most important

Now the whole world is obsessed with products labeled “bio”. This is no problem in Bhutan. The import of chemical fertilizers is strictly prohibited, as is their use. Therefore, all products grown in the country are natural .

12. Wedding traditions

In Bhutan, it is forbidden to marry foreigners. The king makes a lot of efforts to preserve identity and isolation from the whole world.

During the ceremony conducted by the monks, mantras are recited. It is believed that this allows the newlyweds to become spiritually one. An offering to the gods of a bowl of liquor is also made. After that, the bride and groom must drink from the cup.

Only after all the cleansing rituals can a couple be considered a family. By the way, most often the husband comes to live in his wife’s house. And only when he earns enough money, they can move to a separate home.

13. Traffic situation


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《沒有交通燈的城市》 廷布是世界上唯一一個沒有交通燈的城市。車來車往,我們卻鮮有聽到司機大力響鞍,同樣是路窄多車,這裡就算塞車,似乎也塞得比香港和諧。
全個城市就只有這一個十字路有交通警站崗。 「要過馬路的話怎麼辦!?」 Caiwang 說: 「你們站在路邊,車就會停下來讓你們過。」 我們來到這個聞名世界的站崗亭,這座亭子雕梁畫棟,六角形的亭子上每邊都畫有寓意吉祥的圖案,也是我們在不丹經常會看到的。在現代化的街道上,有傳統的建築物,有古色古香的小亭,亭內是一個穿現代交通警服裝的警察,各項傳統與現代的交融,卻毫無違和感。 只見交通警站在亭中威風凜凜,只見他咀角微微翹起,一臉自信,戴著光潔的白手套,扭動身體,揮舞雙手,使出乾坤大挪移,四方來往車輛猶如行雲流水。對於讓人眼花撩亂的車輛,似乎架輕就熟。車來車往,呼吸著汽車廢氣,他依舊保持制服的身份,確是敬業樂業。 我們一行人倚著十字路口的欄杆,無不社為不丹張無忌連連歡呼喝采,拿出電話相機,拍下這位交通警的英姿。不丹張無忌也留意到我們這群無聊的遊客,一時間笑容變得腼腆。 這時另一位交通警前來接更,不丹張無忌離開亭稍稍休息,卻主動走到我們旁邊,和我們打招呼,不丹張無忌身型魁梧,皮膚黝黑,但笑起來卻是十分腼腆,和他的身型毫不相稱,剛才在十字路口時相比,簡直是南轅北轍。 他們每天八時半開始上班,直到六時。他走來和我們聊天的時候,原來已差不多完成一天的工作了。 #SamJaiInBhutan #Onthesameplanet #同一星球上
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There are no traffic lights in the capital of Bhutan . This is not a problem and does not interfere with public order. And signs are drawn and signed by hand.

14. Gingerbread houses

Bhutanese people love to paint their homes. These are mainly images of birds and animals, as well as various ornaments. I must say that it looks really very colorful and festive.

The traditional house is a small structure of  3 floors . The first level is usually reserved for cattle shed, the second is occupied by living rooms, and the third is used to dry and store hay.

Despite the huge number of prohibitions and strict rules, Bhutan is home to happy and smiling people. Tourists are becoming more and more curious to visit this mysterious and so isolated country, despite all the strange rules and customs.

Would you dare to go to Bhutan and become one of the lucky ones who managed to visit there?







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