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17 ideas for storing clothes that organize a dressing room even in a very small apartment

Where to find a place for things if there is absolutely no place in the apartment? Such a question is asked even by those girls who are not particularly cramped in living conditions. In today’s article, we have collected 17 ideas for storing clothes that organize a dressing room even in a very small apartment.

1. Open wardrobe

The free wall of the room can be turned into a stylish and functional dressing room, which includes one shelf at the top, several at the bottom, a long railing for the shoulders and several telescopic bars for shoes with heels.

2. Spectacular detail

Clothing that should be stored only on a coat hanger can be hung on a hanger made from a dry tree branch. The finished product will become an ergonomic alternative to a wardrobe, as well as a noticeable detail of the interior.

3. Pipe

A stylish hanger for creating an open wardrobe in an industrial style, made of a black metal pipe, fits perfectly into the interior of a bedroom decorated in a Scandinavian, industrial or modern style.

4. Two in one

A bicycle clothes hanger is a great idea that will help to kill two birds with one stone. This idea will allow you to remove the bike from under your feet, turning it into a stylish and functional interior detail.

5. Bright curtain

An open dressing room with a chest of drawers, shelves and railings for hangers, hidden behind a bright curtain, will fit perfectly into the interior of a bright modern bedroom.

6. Cells in the bed

A bed box can be a great alternative to a bulky wardrobe or chest of drawers. A well-organized system will help to place most of your wardrobe under the mattress, including seasonal and old clothes.

7. Around the doorway

An empty wall with a doorway can be turned into a mega functional storage system. An open rack, built around the doorway, will contain everything from straps to outerwear.

8. At the foot of the bed

Instead of hanging meaningless paintings and photographs on the wall, use it to create an original, stylish, and functional open wardrobe. To organize it, you will need narrow racks, roof rails and beautiful wicker containers.

9. Trunks of trees

A small number of items, as well as outerwear, can be placed on creative floor hangers made from dry tree trunks.

10. Sled

Old wooden sleds mounted on the wall will become an original place to store clothes on hangers, as well as bags and hats. In addition, such a hanger will undoubtedly become a spectacular detail of any space.

11. Simple solution

A simple shelf with railing below will be the easiest solution for owners of very small apartments. On the shelf you can conveniently place hats and small bags, and the railing will allow you to store 10-15 hangers with clothes.

12. Mini dressing room

A plastic strip fixed to the interior door can be an excellent alternative to a small closet or chair, where everyday clothes constantly accumulate.

13. Floor hanger

Brutal rustic floor hanger, built of metal pipes and wooden shelves. Such a hanger fits perfectly into the apartment of a young bachelor or teenager boy and can replace a full-fledged wardrobe.

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