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17 stylish and practical shoe storage ideas that let a couple find their place

Autumn is in full swing, which means that it is high time to remove all the summer shoes from the hallway. If you have accumulated a lot of sandals, ballet shoes, shoes, and there is not enough storage space, then you should pay attention to 17 and practical ideas that will help each couple find their place.

1. Glass cabinet

The most beautiful pairs of shoes and sandals can be placed in a sideboard, display case or on a rack with glass doors. This type of shoe cabinet can be placed in the hallway, living room and even the bedroom, so that your favorite shoes are pleasing to the eye, regardless of the season.

2. Cornices

Bright high-quality shoes in good condition can be fixed on the cornices attached to one of the walls of the hallway or bedroom. Such a system will not only solve the issue of storing shoes, but also turn it into an interior decoration.

3. Stairs

Ordinary wooden ladder-type stairs are perfect for fixing shoes on heels, and sneakers and boots can be placed on low wooden steps.

4. Hangers

Lightweight shoes, such as flip flops, sandals, sneakers and ballet shoes, can be stored in limbo on hooks or on homemade wire hangers.

5. Boxes with “windows”

To easily find the right pair, store your shoes in boxes with transparent walls. Such boxes can be packed in a cabinet or put in plain sight on the shelves of an open rack.

6. Buckets

Home slippers, ballet shoes, flip flops, sneakers and moccasins can be stored in small bright buckets. The buckets themselves can be put in the cells of a low cabinet.

7. Closed wardrobe

If you love and take care of your shoes, the Novate.ru editorial staff strongly recommends getting a special cabinet with many separate cells. Located in separate enclosed cabinets, your shoes will be protected from dust, dirt, sunlight and moisture.

8. Round stand

Seasonal shoes can be stored on a multi-tiered round rack. Shoes on such a rack look beautiful and neat, however, keep in mind that they will always be in sight, and therefore should be clean and tidy.

9. Hooked

Sports shoes with laces can be stored in suspension on small hooks bolted to the wall. This storage method is perfect for the entrance hall of a country house or corridor of a city apartment, decorated in a certain stylistic direction.

10. Labels and markers

If you prefer to store shoes in boxes or containers, it would be nice to label them. To do this, you can take pictures of each pair, print them and attach to the box or write by hand which particular pair is stored in a particular box.

11. Rubber bands

Using elastic bands is a rather unusual way of storing shoes. Elastic bands are attached to the wall and can be used to fasten everyday shoes at low speed. Just before hanging, do not forget how to wash the soles.

12. Poof

A pouf with a lifting seat, under which is a fairly spacious drawer with textile pockets for shoes around the perimeter.

13. Shoe cabinet

A pouf with a lifting seat, under which is a fairly spacious drawer with textile pockets for shoes around the perimeter.

13. Shoe cabinet

Special shoe cabinet with pull-out shelves equipped with individual wire stands for each shoe.

14. Retractable shelf

If there is space between your bed and floor, use it to place a roll-out shoe rack. You can make it from the top of a wooden pallet and furniture castors.

15. Rag organizer

A fairly practical and roomy shoe organizer can be made with your own hands using large diameter PVC pipes. To create it, you need to cut the pipes into identical pieces and attach each to the wall.

17. Railings


All your shoes can be fixed on the inside of the cabinet door using thin rails or metal pipes.

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