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17 ways to make money without leaving your home

In a pandemic, remote work is becoming the best option for those who want to maintain their health and financial stability. Let's figure out how you can make money during quarantine.

The problem of telecommuting is more urgent than ever. Today “remote work” is not a voluntary choice of a specialist, but a compulsory measure. Freelance has long been mastered by different professions: copywriters, programmers, translators, etc. But in this article, we have collected different ideas for earning money that are suitable for both professionals and beginners. Many skills can be learned in a few days. To make money from home, you need your knowledge and skills, internet and self-discipline.

1. Maintaining communities on social networks

It’s good if you have your own promoted group on social networks that you can monetize. What should newbies do with this idea? Lead other people’s communities. There are a lot of social networks, there are even more publics. And large players can afford to hire an employee who will: select material, prepare and publish posts, track statistics, promote, respond to comments, etc.

There are many vacancies, they can be found on SuperJob, Hh websites, on freelance exchanges, in groups for finding remote work, etc. Depending on the project, you can earn 10-25 thousand rubles from one group. But income can be increased if you conduct several publics at once.


The main advice here is simple: try to choose the topics in which you understand and which are of interest to you. Then you will spend less time on completing tasks, which means you can earn more.

2. Moderator on the site or in the community

Continuing the topic of maintaining social networks, you need to remember the vacancy of a moderator. The essence of his work is to check the posted information for compliance with the rules. Such specialists are recruited by VKontakte, Yandex projects, various forums, groups and social networks.

There are many open vacancies for the position of a moderator on ad sites and freelance exchanges. They offer a variety of options: from the community on VKontakte and ending with promoted news portals with an audience of thousands.

You can also independently choose the resources you would like to work with and submit your business proposal.

The income from such activities depends on what requirements are imposed on the performer and how much work is planned. For example, a moderator of a public on VKontakte can earn 5,000 rubles, and a moderator of a site can count on an income of 30,000 rubles, since it is much more difficult to maintain an entire resource.

3. Tutoring via Skype

Tutoring is one of the popular home-based professions. But at the present time it is precisely distance learning that is relevant. So we install Skype on our computer and conduct lessons online.

Most often, teachers of foreign languages ​​become Skype tutors. Preparation for the exam is also in demand. Online can be conducted and: lessons of music, vocals, drawing, and more.

Specialists are required in various online schools. For example, the Foxford project is recruiting teachers for a variety of school subjects for distance learning.


As a rule, payment is piecework, you yourself can choose the load in hours depending on your free time. Tutoring can be good money. Based on the cost of one lesson of 300-600 rubles, with partial workload, you can get 20-30 thousand rubles a month.

4. Personal Internet Assistant

A remote personal assistant is a common job opening. This does not require special knowledge and skills. Most often, you need a simple person who will take over the routine processes. It is very similar to the work of a secretary, only you do not need to sit in the office. The tasks of a personal assistant include: answering calls, checking mail, finding the necessary information, etc.


Now the vacancy is in demand in the blogging environment. Many large bloggers are ready to delegate simple functions to a personal assistant, for example: search for advertising sites, video editing, photo editing, direct replies. The average salary of such specialists is 30 thousand rubles.

5. Copywriting

Copywriting today is a demanded service for business. High-quality text is necessary to place the history of the company on the website, use it in advertising goods and services, arrange a catalog in online stores, lead groups in social networks, etc. For all this, they turn to copywriters.


To get started, it is enough to have the appropriate skills, place an advertisement for services or respond to an order published on a website for freelancers yourself.


The level of earnings depends on the project for which you are writing and on your experience. A beginner can earn 10-15 thousand rubles. More advanced specialists can reach an income of 30-50 thousand rubles or more.


Tip: Try to find a long-term project where you will get a full-time job. As a rule, one-time tasks are cheaper, and you do not receive any guarantee of a stable income.

6. Online consulting and gambling practice

As a specialist in a particular field, it is possible to conduct online consultations. Lawyers, psychologists, stylists, programmers, authors and many others, it is difficult to find an area where it would be impossible to provide advice and training. You can search for clients through sites and services. For example, the Kwork website sells a variety of services that are provided remotely.

A trendy niche in online consulting is the conduct of transformational games – they are quite similar to ordinary board games, but besides entertainment, each participant gets something more, since any game has parallels with real life and can help a person solve problems on many issues: family, career, self-development, relationships, etc. At the same time, the popularity of the idea lies in the fact that the game remains a game, and the presenter-game practitioner, unlike armchair psychologists, does not delve into personal moments, but helps the participants themselves to reach the desired answer. You can learn more about this way of making money here .

7. Sale of information products

If you are well versed in a particular area, possess unique information or skills, you can earn from your experience. Infobusiness is based on the sale of any information useful to the target audience. All that is necessary for work is an intellectual, author’s product developed by you. You can organize your own master class, training, online course, and more.

Where to look for clients? Perhaps the most powerful channel for promoting information business is social media. Therefore, a huge advantage at the start if you have a well-promoted account and a customer base who trust you and will be ready to buy your information product. If you do not have your own resource, you can use third-party services where it is convenient to sell information products. Today there are a lot of such sites on the Internet, for example GetCourse, AntiTraining, AvtoWebOffice and others.

The cost of courses in the Russian-speaking space, as a rule, varies from 0 to 40,000 rubles. The price depends on the topic, the volume of the course, the quality of the program and the popularity of the author.

It is expected that the demand for online information products will only grow in the near future. People are interested in gaining knowledge and skills, many will have to master new professions, so the direction is very promising and profitable.

8. Online sale of drawings

Artists and illustrators can make money from their work online. The options are different: place illustrations on paid photo stocks, fulfill individual orders: logos, design information products, books, advertising materials, websites, create sticker packs for social networks, draw digital portraits and avatars. As you can see, there are a lot of earning opportunities.

Where to sell your work:

  • on stocks – special sites where authors receive money from each sale of their work. For example, Shutterstock.com, Depositphotos.com.
  • Through advertisements on the Kwork website and other freelance exchanges
  • Remote work in studios, agencies, publishing houses.
  • Websites for illustrators where assignments are often published.
  • on specialized exchanges like Kadrof
  • through your own social network account

The amount of income can be different – it all depends on your prices for work, the volume and complexity of orders, the project itself, for which drawings are required.

9. Earnings on affiliate programs

Anyone can make money in this way – the owner of the community, the owner of an account (including personal), and even someone who is not registered in social networks.


The essence of making money lies in the fact that you post on your page information about special products, goods and services connected to affiliate programs. Your income consists of a percentage of advertisers’ sales or a fixed amount.


You can search for affiliate programs using special services, for example: CPAseti.com, Bintrader, Monecle LetyShops, etc.


You can earn money in different ways. Each partnership has its own terms. As a rule, these are small amounts that cannot replace a salary, but are additional income.

10. Sale and processing of photos

If you are good at photography, you can make money from it. Sell ​​photos on stocks. Here are a few services where you can upload your work: Foap, 500px, Twenty20, Snapwire, and more.


It is quite difficult to calculate your earnings in this business – it all depends on which service you choose and how many photos you sell. The cost of 1 photo is 5-15 dollars.


Another option for making money from photography is processing. If you are proficient in Photoshop or various imaging applications, you can monetize those skills. For example, among photographers, the services of retouchers are in demand, and purchased bloggers often hire assistants who are engaged in photo processing.

11. Video editing

For many who work with video content, an assistant is needed to edit the videos. Your clients can be video bloggers, webmasters and SEO specialists who order videos for websites, etc. The audience is large enough that you can find a job. Orders are placed on Kwork and other freelance exchanges, and vacancies are placed on popular services with ads.


Editing skills can be mastered independently and fairly quickly: undergo paid training or learn on your own (there are many training videos freely available).


The amount of earnings can be different – it all depends on the complexity of the order. Simple installation, on average, costs from 500-600 rubles. in a minute of the finished video. A complex installation can cost more than 1000 rubles. in a minute. Having experience and a portfolio, you can earn from 20 to 60 thousand rubles on video editing on the Internet. per month.

12. Webmaster

For any Internet project, the services of webmasters are relevant: programmer, layout designer, web designer. Orders can be found both by an experienced specialist and a beginner. The difference will be in the scale of the project and in the payment.

Often, people who need simple business card sites tend to save money and turn to novice specialists who have lower prices. Starting with simple orders, you can gain practice, build up a portfolio and take on more complex orders in a couple of months.

The main activity for a webmaster is to create websites. You can work as a freelancer or for hire at the expense of large companies and firms. The client search scheme depends on this. A freelancer has to look for orders on stock exchanges or through friends, get paid for each completed order. Those who work for hire do not need to look for orders on their own, and wages are calculated monthly.

Webmasters earn a wide variety of amounts. It all depends on the length of service and the complexity of the orders. On average, a specialist receives 40 thousand rubles a month.

13. Development of software and applications

Gamification is very popular right now. Therefore, the development of various applications is a demanded service. There are a huge number of applications and many of them bring decent profit to their developers.

If you have the necessary skills, you can make money from it.

Firstly, it is the development of mobile applications. To do this, you will need to purchase licensed software with which you will work. You can make them yourself, place them on the AppStore or GooglePlay and receive income: from advertising in the application or a paid subscription.

Secondly, you can use the business potential  Various applications work on this site – games, tests, quizzes. Applications are built in Flash. Owners of top apps earn about a million rubles a month or more from advertising and branding.


You can promote your own app, or work on a bespoke basis by creating custom apps.

14. Dispatcher or operator

Many companies are looking for employees who will process orders, communicate with customers, and provide consultations. Call center operators, taxi dispatchers, support specialists – all of these employees can work remotely.

People can engage in such activities even without certain skills and experience. Usually, the organizations themselves, hiring an operator or a dispatcher, provide free training. Still, the job is not for everyone. This requires strong nerves and increased stress resistance. The average earnings of an operator can reach 15-30 thousand rubles.

15. Online consultant, chat operator

Online stores and various companies are often looking for a person who will communicate with customers online and advise them on products and services.

No special skills or education required. There are no age restrictions either. Usually, employees undergo preliminary training in the company itself where they will work. They are taught remotely, in time it takes 2-4 weeks.

You can earn from 10 to 30 thousand rubles. However, there are vacancies with a salary of 40 thousand rubles and above.

16. Online Sales Manager

Modern companies actively use the services of remote employees, including sales managers. How it works? Like an ordinary manager, a remote employee is engaged in sales, but not sitting in the office, but from home. All activities are carried out by phone, Skype or email.

A sales manager is responsible for working with clients (selling a product / service, working with documentation and commercial offers). The main task of an online manager is to find buyers and sell the required products. Social networks are often used for such purposes.

Jobs can be found on any service where employers post ads. No special skills and knowledge are required, however, for effective work, it is still advisable for a specialist to undergo training. You can learn the basics in a month.

You can earn completely different amounts. As a rule, the payment for sales managers is piece-rate-bonus. Income depends on the volume of sales.

17. SMM specialist

SMM is a business that provides services for effective promotion on Internet sites. As soon as companies appeared in social networks, the SMM sphere gained its spread and today it is a necessary part of an advertising campaign for many companies.

Now the service is in demand on the market. SMM specialists are engaged in developing a strategy, setting up targeted advertising, creating content for social networks, SEO optimization, attracting Internet customers, etc. The list is impressive, there are many directions. It is difficult for one person to cover all these functions. Therefore, as a rule, a specialist chooses a certain profile and develops in it. And the project hires several employees working in different areas of SMM.

You can master the profession within a month. Today, there are many courses available to provide you with the knowledge you need and a certificate that confirms your specialization. Such training will cost 5-15 thousand rubles and more. It all depends on what your goals and ambitions are.

How do I search for orders? You can independently search for clients (on freelance exchanges, through your expert account in social networks, etc.). Another option is to find a vacancy on specialized resources and get a job in a specific company as an SMM specialist. The third option is to cooperate with SMM agencies that will provide you with orders.

As for the amount of income, there is little specifics here. You can work with one project and get 20 thousand rubles. And you can run several projects or areas and earn from 30 thousand rubles and more. Everything is very individual.

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