15 reasons why you shouldn’t trust perfect social media footage





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Bad body image days 🌿 Lately I’ve been having bad body image days. Everyone has days where they look at themselves and just see the negatives. I was struggling to get a good “Instagram” photo because I’m not as lean as I used to be. But I realised that even though I’ve been struggling to have the same positive viewpoint of my body that I’ve had majority of the time, there will always be ups and downs and you can’t possibly expect yourself to be completely content with what you see everyday 24/7. So here’s a reminder that it’s normal for your tummy fat to bunch up. It’s completely normal to gain weight and have difficulty accepting it because of the obsession society has with weight loss and being fit. But we shouldn’t have to stress about looking as lean as possible. Or stressing about normal things like tummy fat bunching up. We should be able to love and accept the body we have whether it’s like the left or right photo. You don’t need to constantly suck your tummy in and sit uncomfortably in order to look smaller. We need to realise that having bad body days is okay, as long as you acknowledge that it’s a bad day and those negative thoughts aren’t a true reflection of yourself. Your body is amazing no matter how it looks because it allows you to live and experience life 🌴☀️ —————————————– . . . #instagramvsreality #changethewayyouthink #focusonyourself #bodygoals #idealbody #powerofpositivity

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