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6 Best Gold Nail Designs

We distinguish gold and silver from all other colors present in the entire universe, but by checking the originality, gold is also known as part of a group of yellow flowers, which is actually a much more polished version of yellow and which was formed by alloying many others flowers. Gold Nail Art Designs is a nail art that uses gold-colored nails or gold-colored nails for the gold effect.

Recent nail designs with images:

1. Simple golden nail design:


In the picture above, we see a simple gold nail paint used to color the nails, which gives them a radiant look and a golden hue. The colors that you use with gold nail paints should be mostly dark because they give the golden effect a much more noticeable look than lighter ones.

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2. Red and gold nail design:


Gold and red complement each other. The nail art that you see below is very simple. Paint all of your nails, except for one that should be left aside to completely apply gold paint for the nails, as you see in the picture. Apply red to the rest of the nails, leaving the edges empty to apply a gold layer to it after the red paint has dried and you will end with a delightful look.

3. Gold Nail Art with glossy nail paint:


Paint all the nails in glossy paint and let it dry. Take a smooth brush and apply it with gold nail paint and make strokes just below the edge of the nail, or you can even glue a gold nail stick as you see in the picture and make it look like this. Hold one nail with glossy paint only to apply shiny gold nail paint. This nail paint should be at the edges as much as possible, and then it should gradually disappear from the middle to the end. This will give your nails a clean and sophisticated look.

4. Marine Green Golden Nail Art Design:


You need green paint for nails and, of course, gold paint for nails to make this kind of nails. First, paint all the nails in green as a base and let it dry. Remove the smooth gold nail brush from the bottle and give it the shape of a zipper or half star, as you can see in the image. To do this, draw one corner of the nail straight down in the shape of an inverted V, make two or three more inverted Vs to get this shape exactly.

5. Black and gold nail design:


As mentioned earlier, gold nail designs should be done in dark colors. Black is the darkest of all, and gold is best for him. To connect them in the nail art, first draw all five nails on the finger with a golden color. Take a thin black brush and paint it on one side vertically. Do this on two alternative nails. Then take a thinner brush and make two hearts not necessarily in the same place. Add strokes with a black brush to make it look like what you see in the picture.

6. Black and gold glitter nail polish:


You cannot explain how good black and gold complement each other with a better and easier example than this. To do this, you will need black paint for nails and nail paint with a golden sheen. First, paint the nails black for the foundation, and then take a shiny paint and paint the edge of the nails mainly so that they fade to the middle. If you don’t have the shape of the hexes in your shiny nail paint, just stick them until the paint is dry.

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