Beautiful eyebrows: how to choose the shape and bend?

More recently, eyebrows were given attention to the residual principle – it was enough to pluck them “in fashion.” But in recent years, the correction and makeup of eyebrows have acquired a completely different weight in makeup. Along with the trends came the understanding that eyebrows – their shape, width and density – are responsible for the expression on the face and its “architecture”. The external impression that we make on others, largely depends on them.


To achieve today’s ideal, the standards of beauty in eyebrow makeup have survived many fashion trends in a variety of times.

If you plunge into the past, then interesting facts about the fashion for different forms of eyebrows can be found even before our era. So, in Ancient Egypt, color-browed arches with elongated tips were worn.

And in ancient Greece, to the surprise of many of us, eyebrows were held in high esteem. They were not only recognized as beautiful, but also considered a sign of the mind. In the Middle Ages, on the contrary, it was as if they did not think about eyebrows at all. A high forehead was considered beautiful, and judging by the paintings of those times, to emphasize this, sometimes eyebrows did not depict at all – this confirms, for example, the portrait of the Mona Lisa. The eyebrows were left natural, without any special care for them, without tinting them. Interventions were minimal until the beginning of the twentieth century, when thin eyebrow strings came into fashion


To follow the trend, some girls of the 20s and 30s completely got rid of their natural eyebrows. And fashionable arcs were painted on the skin using cosmetics (the same mixture was used as in the carcass of that time – petroleum jelly plus charcoal dust). Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo and Gene Harlow set an example from large screens. The 40s changed the situation a bit. His eyebrows were still plucked, but not so fiercely. A new mania was the sharpening of the ends of the eyebrows, which “extended” to the temple (like Katherine Hepburn and Grace Kelly ). In the 50s, girls were crazy about accentuated eyebrows, like Audrey Hepburn , and a seductive shape with a kink, like Marilyn Monroe 

In the 70s and 80s, previous trends came to naught; the girls again returned to naturalness. And frankly brought her to the forefront, like the Madonna, who wildly growing natural eyebrows also brought a pencil.

The 90s again brought with them changes: thin eyebrows-ticks, strongly emphasized with a pencil, came into fashion. Many later regretted that they succumbed to fashion, since very soon naturally thick and wide eyebrows were back in trend, and they could not grow theirs anymore. If you encounter the same problem, useful tips that will help correct the situation, we have collected here

In recent years, the definition of “beautiful eyebrows” includes manicured eyebrows of a natural shape (what is called groomed brows), neatly combed and laid.


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