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Bride in a million: 6 of the most beautiful, famous and expensive wedding dresses

The black dress of Sarah Jessica Parker, the outfit of Angelina Jolie, painted by her children, the famous robe of Kate Moss, created from rare fabric from the Museum of Monaco … And what other dresses have become a real story? Read and see in our article.

1. Princess Diana

The most famous wedding dress of the twentieth century belongs to Diana Spencer. On June 29, 1981, Lady Dee married Charles, Prince of Wales. Diana’s wedding outfit looked more like a whipped cream cake than a wedding dress, however, despite this, he caught the eye of millions of people. It collected the best materials and jewelry: taffeta made of silk, a belt of diamonds, pearls, lace, rhinestones, an eight-meter train. Looking at this fabulously expensive magnificence, no one would dare to reproach the future princess with the fact that she saved on her dress or did not correspond to her status.

he creators of the dress were the spouses David and Elizabeth Emanuel, who before the wedding of Diana Spencer were not very popular. Everyone had a question, why did a girl who could turn to any designer choose an unknown couturier pair? As it turned out later, Lady Dee ordered a blouse from them for one of the photo shoots, and the girl liked the product so much that she, without hesitation, turned to British designers when preparations for the wedding began.

At the fitting, it was decided to create a copy of the dress in case something happens with the main option. However, it was not useful and was later sold for 100 thousand euros at auction.

2. Kate Middleton

Exactly 30 years later, the eldest son of Charles and Lady Diana, William married his sweetheart Kate Middleton. The wedding ceremony in scope and magnificence was in no way inferior to the wedding of William’s parents. But unlike Diana, who entrusted the creation of a wedding dress to little-known designers, costumes for the future duke and duchess of Cambridge were created in the leading British fashion house – Alexander McQueen.

Aware of the fact that Kate Middleton’s outfit should become a model of wedding fashion, the creative director of the fashion house Sarah Burton herself took up the design and tailoring of the dress, taking 10 people as assistants. Masters worked day and night. Every three hours they had to change needles, and every 30 minutes they had to wash their hands. Such precautions were needed so that the finished ivory outfit did not have a single flaw and looked flawless. However, the dress made of silk and lace turned out just like that – light, delicate, airy and elegant. The highlight of the outfit was the symbols of the royal family, reflected on its guipure part – the English rose, the Irish shamrock, the Welsh daffodil and the Scottish thistle.

3. Grace Kelly

After the wedding of William and Kate, many noticed that the outfit of the duchess strongly resembled the dress of Grace Kelly – the famous American actress and princess of Monaco. It also consisted of silk and ivory lace, was graceful and touching.
The creator of the wedding attire was Helen Rose, a costume designer at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, who received the Academy Award for the best costume design just a month before the marriage of Grace and Prince Rainier.

To make the bride look immaculate, the prince bought a snow-white cloth for a dress in one of the country’s museums. Rarity was used not only for sewing the wedding dress itself, but also for creating a headdress, prayer book and Grace shoes, which were decorated with her initials. Elegant accessories gave the image of completeness and nobility, not distracting from the view, from the natural beauty of Grace Kelly.

4. Kate Moss

Perhaps the dress of Kate Moss would not have become so famous if it were not for the scandal associated with its designer, John Galliano. Shortly before the wedding of the model with The Kills guitarist Jamie Hins, he was fired from the post of creative director of Christian Dior fashion house. The reason for the dismissal was anti-Semitic statements, which Galliano allowed himself, being in a state of extreme intoxication.

Despite this scandalous situation, Kate still asked her close friend to create the perfect wedding dress for her. This order was a kind of salvation for John, since at that time Moss was the most famous model of our time.

Galliano later told in his interviews that Kate’s outfit became symbolic for him. “I laid out the sequins on the dress in the form of Phoenix feathers. And he, as you know, is always reborn from the ashes … ”In addition to sequins, the wedding outfit was decorated with rhinestones and frills. The harmonious combination of all the elements allowed the robe to become a true embodiment of vintage chic. Galliano himself admitted that he created it in the best traditions of the decadence era.

5. Angelina Jolie

The dress of the famous actress was recognized not only as one of the most beautiful in recent decades, but also the most original, because in addition to designers, Angelina’s children worked on it.

The bride was wearing a silk dress from the famous Atelier Versace tailor Luigi Masia. The choice of the designer was obvious, because at that time he had on his account a huge number of outfits created for Jolie. After the wedding attire was ready, the drawings were created on the hem of the actress’s dress and veil by Pax, Maddox, Zahara, Shilo, Vivienne and Knox Jolly-Pitt. So Angelina’s wedding dress became a canvas for self-expression of her children. Many fans were initially skeptical of this “design move”, but later admitted that animals, inscriptions, planes, scary monsters and other images became a real decoration of the dress and turned it into a family heirloom.

6. Sarah Jessica Parker

In her life, Sarah Jessica Parker twice played a wedding: once in real life, and the second time in the movie “Sex and the City.” Despite the fact that one wedding was fictitious, both dresses went down in history as the most original in the last 20 years.

For a real wedding with actor Matthew Broderick, Sarah chose a black (!) Wedding dress. It was she who became the trendsetter of the new fashion and, by her example, proved that a wedding outfit does not have to be white. Despite all the prejudices, the black color did not become the color of mourning and the imminent end of family life. On the contrary, he brought Parker and Broderick happiness and good fortune, as evidenced by 20 years of their life together.

However, the actress later admitted that choosing a black outfit was her main fashion failure, and if she remarried, she would put on an ivory dress, similar to the one in which she married in the movie “Sex and the City” . Then the designer of the outfit was Vivienne Westwood, but the wedding, according to the intentions of the scriptwriters and directors, did not take place.

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