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Business ideas for the lazy: 11 business options

Thinking about how to open a business that does not require a lot of effort? How to make money without investing a lot of money and effort? We’ve prepared 11 of the best business ideas from scratch. The profit from which can be about 200 thousand rubles per month. The main thing here is your desire and entrepreneurial spirit.

Own business takes a lot of time and effort. How to start an effortless business. Today we will tell you about the ideas of our business for the lazy, which will require a minimum of effort. It turns out that you can make money using only your intellect and enterprise. Our selection brings together lucrative yet simple business ideas. You will surely find an option for yourself, if you are not too lazy to read the article to the end.

Photo booth – a business idea from scratch

Investments: 213 thousand rubles.
The last few years in Russia, paper photographs taken in photo booths are again in trend. It’s fun, fast and somewhat old school. Such a business idea from scratch can easily be called passive earnings, because it does not require hiring employees, setting up production, or undertaking repairs. All that is required to implement a  business idea is a small investment and high-quality equipment. The checklist for opening a photo booth is simple:
  • buy equipment;
  • rent an area;
  • purchase consumables.

Equipment for the implementation of business ideas from scratch

Despite the seeming simplicity of this business idea of ​​the entire photo booth design, it is equipped with a high-precision camera and a powerful computer with special software. Therefore, a photo booth is not a cheap equipment. A photo booth with high-quality photographic equipment will cost about 200 thousand rubles.

The initial cost of implementing this business idea


  • 200 thousand rubles – for the cabin itself;
  • 5 thousand rubles – for registration of an individual entrepreneur and all organizational issues;
  • 3 thousand rubles – for renting a place for installing a cabin;
  • 5 thousand rubles – for consumables

Place for rent

Choosing a location for a photo booth is like choosing a future for your business. For this format, the right location is the main success factor. To expand a business, 1-1.5 sq.m. is enough. retail space. An ideal place for a photo booth will be: a shopping center, a cinema hall, a club, a zoo, a circus, an anti-cafe. During the high season, the photo booth can be placed on an indoor skating rink, in a park, on the beach.


The photo booth can be used not only for entertainment, but also with benefit. A large share of the profit of the photo booth is provided by photographs for documents. Therefore, it is advantageous to locate it next to the MFC, passport office, universities, etc. Or you can add a set of comic props to the photo booth and rent it out for various holidays. This kind of entertainment is popular at weddings, corporate parties, etc.




For the photo booth to work, you need to purchase: photo paper, printer ink and receipt tape. Material costs will amount to 4-5 thousand rubles per month.




After installing the booth, you just need to go to the place twice a week: carry out collection, add paper and check the level of ink in the cartridges. You will work 2 hours a week, but the photo booth will work daily. And make a profit.


Income from your business


If you install the device in a walkable place, then 15 people can use the photo services per day. That is, the monthly attendance will be 450 people. One printing of photos costs 150 rubles, then you can get 67,500 rubles a month. Subtract expenses (materials, rent, taxes) from this amount – and we get a net profit of 50 thousand rubles. As a result, in just 4 months you will recoup your initial investment and start earning. You can read more about starting this business here .

Advertising on your own car

Investments: 0 rub.

Advertising on your own car – a business idea does not require investment and effort, but it is profitable. Ideal income for the lazy. This type of advertising is beneficial for both the advertiser and the owner of the car on which the banner is placed. This is an effective replacement for expensive roadside billboards and a great opportunity to generate additional income.


If you want to make money in this way, you need to contact advertising agencies that are engaged in the placement of advertising banners on cars. Once an advertiser is found, you must complete the documentation. First, you need to conclude an agreement between the advertiser and the owner of the car. Then coordinate actions with the traffic police: the inspector must make sure that the advertising banner does not interfere with drivers and does not threaten their lives. After verification, which must be done within 10 days, you will receive a registration ticket. From now on you can place ads on your car and start earning.


If you completely cover the car with advertising, you will earn 10-12 thousand rubles a month. Advertising on the rear window is estimated at 2-3 thousand rubles, and the sides of the body are about 5 thousand rubles. A lightbox, which is located on the roof of a car, can generate income from 3 to 6 thousand rubles. You can earn about 2,500 rubles a month for a creeping screen.


Vending is a business without investment: from an umbrella to shoes

Investments : from 50 thousand rubles

Vending is a real business idea for entrepreneurs who want maximum profit with minimum effort. It is quite simple to organize such an idea for a business, and the start-up capital will amount to only 100 thousand rubles. The whole business scheme: install a device with a certain product and check it a couple of times a week.

Today, vending allows you to sell anything – in most cases, the possibilities are limited only by the imagination of the entrepreneur. In Russia, most machines sell coffee, snacks and drinks. Competition is high in these segments. You can read about how to open a coffee vending machine here . If you want to show your imagination and occupy a free niche, implement other ideas. What else can you sell with a vending machine? Jewelry, lenses, umbrellas, phone accessories, magazines, various household items. There are vending machines that make pizza or hot dogs. And even jukeboxes where you can order your favorite song. How to organize such a business, read here… Depending on the type of vending, the type of equipment is determined – and its cost may be different. For example, a coffee machine will cost about 150 thousand rubles, but a pizza maker will cost more – 300-350 thousand rubles.


But there are also cheaper vending options. One of these is a shoe shine machine. The device costs about 40 thousand rubles and is a box with brushes and a bill acceptor. It is enough to buy a device, conclude a lease agreement of 2 sq.m. in a shopping center (or other high traffic area). The machine will do the rest for you. You only need to change your shoe polish and rubber mat from time to time. And the most important thing is to collect the proceeds. And here are some more original ideas for vending .

Online store as a business without investment

Investments : from 5.000 – 10.000 rubles.

The online store can be managed remotely and without high costs.

The Internet sales market in Russia is growing very rapidly. In the first half of 2019, Russians made 191 million (!) Orders online. And the main thing here is that you can start small.

To start, you do not need to rent an office, hire employees, and sometimes purchase goods.


  • there are a large number of dropshipping suppliers (you are just an intermediary)
  • 5,000 – 10,000 rubles are enough for the minimum purchase of goods in Russia. For 20,000 – 30,000 rubles, you can bring small consignments directly from China
  • you can create a simple website for an online store in a few days yourself

How to start your own animal breeding and selling business

Investments from: 1 thousand rubles

If you love animals, then you will love the idea of ​​a breeding business. The amount of the initial capital may differ depending on who you choose to breed. These can be: cats, dogs, chinchillas, fish, bees, ferrets, snails, etc. A novice livestock breeder must love animals and know the basics of veterinary medicine. You can sell animals through ads on a site like Avito.

Business without investment. Pet hotel / pet sitter

Investments: from 30 thousand rubles

Continuing the theme of the animal business. It’s a great idea to make money by looking after other people’s pets. The service will be relevant for people who leave the city for a few days and do not know with whom to leave their pet. In large cities, the demand for such a service is growing. Therefore, you can launch a startup – your own mini-hotel for animals .


There are no special requirements from the legislation to hotels for animals, so it will be possible to start a business without any problems. You can place a mini-hotel in a private apartment – you need at least 30 sq.m. A big plus will be your veterinary education – specialists are more willing to trust their pets. You also need to correctly assess your capabilities: how many animals will you be able to keep track of at the same time.


Another similar option for a business idea is dog walking. You do not need to prepare a special room for this. You just take the dog and walk with it. In Russia, such services are only gaining popularity, but they are already finding clients. You can earn 15-30 thousand rubles for walking dogs.

How to start a dropshipping business

Investments: 0 rubles


The essence of the idea for a business: sell products that you do not have in stock. Dropshipping is a drop shipping from supplier to customer. The entrepreneur acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. The scheme is simple: the entrepreneur orders the necessary goods on his own behalf, and the supplier sends the goods directly to the buyer’s address. Thus, an entrepreneur can work without leaving home and without spending their money, working on a prepaid basis. The entrepreneur decides only organizational issues. All that an entrepreneur undertakes is organizational issues. He will need to register on the site, if necessary, communicate with the seller, track the delivery of goods, etc.


Benefits of dropshipping: The entrepreneur does not risk his own funds, does not need to hire employees and can handle the volume of work alone. In addition, to work effectively, he only needs a computer and the Internet. In this case, the mark-up on the product ranges from 10% to 100%.

What it takes to start a dropshipping business


  1. Find suppliers. Among the thousands of suppliers that can be found on the Internet, you need to select the most reliable and quality ones. Most often, large online stores are chosen as suppliers, which have a huge assortment and sell it at wholesale prices. Now you can find online stores created specifically for dropshipping: Tmart.com, Banggood.com, DX.com, TinyDeal.com, BuySKU.com, AliExpress.com, LightInTheBox.com, Dropo and others.
  2. Contact suppliers. Contact support with an email indicating that you want to work with them on the dropshipping system. The main thing is to have a clear idea of ​​what products you will offer to your customers.
  3. Select a product. To determine the direction, go to the usual popular online stores and see what products are in demand. It is recommended not to work with electronic products, as they are more likely to have problems with defects and returns.


You can do without material costs at all. However, to quickly find customers, take care of advertising for your online store. You determine the advertising budget yourself.

Rent of things

Investments: from 0 rubles

One of the simplest types of earnings is renting out: apartments, garages, cars and other property. But the subject of lease can be not only real estate, but also other things:


  • evening dresses;
  • gaming consoles;
  • bicycles, mopeds, scooters;
  • Jewelry;
  • Appliances;
  • equipment for organizing events;
  • various tools (metal detector, hammer drill, lawn mower, etc.).


In order to implement this idea for your business, place your ads on various sites. Tell us about your services on social media. networks. Submit a photo of things with a detailed description and rental price. In order not to have problems with non-return or damage to things, draw up an agreement, which will spell out all the conditions and responsibilities of the parties. Indicate the amount of damage that will have to be reimbursed to the tenant in the event of damage to your property. Provide a deposit – the amount that is returned to the client when he hands over the item.


It is quite difficult to answer the question of how much you can earn on rent. This is because it totally depends on what you decide to rent out. For example, if you place a bike rental point in the park, you can earn up to 100 thousand rubles a month.

Business ideas from scratch. Buying sites

Investments: from 50 thousand rubles

Buying sites

Recently, such an idea of ​​investing from scratch as buying a ready-made website in order to extract passive income is gaining popularity. Business ideas for buying websites are somewhat similar to purchasing securities on stock exchanges. Some are highly valued, others are considered rubbish; some are profitable, others are unprofitable. Therefore, sites are constantly buying and selling.


Where to buy sites? There are various services that allow you to buy or sell a website and ensure the security of transactions. Services act as an intermediary and receive their percentage of the transaction. Exchanges where you can buy a website:


  • Telderi is the largest Russian exchange. It is an auction of sites and domain names;
  • Flippa is a foreign exchange. It is very often possible to buy a website with a company on it, i.e. a ready-made business;
  • Bitus is a private exchange for internet projects.
  • PR-CY.ru is a service that conducts auctions for the sale of sites and does not take a commission, so all risks remain with you. But for 5% of the transaction amount, the service provides the services of a guarantor.



As a rule, the price of the site is calculated based on the payback of the project. But it all depends on the method of monetization: sites with passive income are more expensive.

How to buy a website correctly

First, select the topic of the site and assess its relevance. After all, the profitability of a site is directly related to its subject matter. Therefore, before deciding to buy a site, be sure to evaluate the profitability of its subject.


When buying a ready-made website, you need to consider the following parameters:


  • Attendance and traffic quality . High-quality traffic is the one that mainly comes from search engines. In addition, pay attention to the dynamics of traffic and traffic sources, because the traffic counter can be increased. Sharp jumps in the months before the sale are one of the signs of cheating.
  • Optimization of the project . It is important that there is no search spam on the site.
  • Income. Request detailed data (screenshots) of the site’s income for the entire period of its monetization. It is advisable to have data for the last six months at least.
  • Costs. Pay attention to how much the budget “eats” the content of the site. Assess if you can support them.
  • Methods for monetization. Evaluate the ways that generate income for the site. Choose the most reliable, profitable and promising options.


Buying a website is a profitable investment that can quickly pay off and make a profit. Having developed one project, you can buy a second, a third … Of course, not every site will bring a lot of money. But over time, you will gain experience, and it will be easier for you to analyze offers on the exchange in order to make the right decision.

Attraction of subcontractors – business without investment

Investments: 0 rubles

Simple business idea: look for freelance orders and outsource them to other freelancers. This scheme will be effective if you have already established your freelance business and have a certain status in the field. Then hiring subcontractors will be a way to expand your client base and increase revenue. So, without investing a single ruble, you can earn on mediation.

How to start an amusement ride business

Investments: from 100 thousand rubles

The business scheme is simple: you buy or rent equipment, install it in some shopping center and earn money. Let’s consider the idea in more detail using the example of a virtual reality attraction.


Such entertainment appeared relatively recently, but has already managed to win fans. People want to immerse themselves in a fascinating storyline and experience new sensations. Interest in virtual attractions is supported by the novelty of this service. Therefore, the demand for virtual reality rides is very high.


Place to start a business


To work, you will need to rent retail space – the number of square meters will depend on how many complexes you plan to install. For one, 3-5 square meters will be enough. m. Renting such an area in a shopping center will cost about 30 thousand rubles a month. The rent usually includes payment of utility bills and permits from the fire department, as well as cleaning.


It is better to choose a large shopping center with a large customer flow, preferably a family type, where people come not just to shop, but also just have fun. A “good neighbor” will be a playground, cafe or cinema.


The most important stage is the purchase of equipment for the implementation of this idea for the business. This includes 3D glasses with software (provided by the vendor), a high-speed computer with licensed software, and a powerful graphics card. For an extra immersive experience, you can buy a dedicated chair and wireless headphones. In addition, you will need to purchase different versions of games – licensed products are required. The list of required equipment includes:

  • Oculus Rift glasses, which provide a 3D effect – 40 thousand rubles. A more advanced option – the Oculus DK2 helmet will cost a little more, about 45 thousand rubles;
  • Replaceable lenses for glasses – 30 thousand rubles;
  • A powerful computer with a discrete video card and a licensed operating system – 60 thousand rubles;
  • Licensed versions of games – 4 thousand rubles / piece;
  • Wireless headphones – 1 thousand rubles;
  • Suspended and movable chair – 60 thousand rubles.


You will have to spend 100-150 thousand rubles for the complete equipment of the attraction with installation, warranty and technical support. Prices can be higher if you choose to purchase more powerful and advanced equipment that provides 4-5D effects.

Income of your business

It remains to calculate how much you can earn on a virtual reality attraction. At a price of 200 rubles for a 5-minute session, the monthly revenue can be 100-200 thousand rubles. And this is not the limit. With the right choice of location and intensive loading of the attraction, you can earn up to 400 thousand rubles.

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