Celebrity divorces: how celebrities share property

The rich and the stars amaze with their stylish and luxurious weddings. But divorces often turn out to be ugly – not only millions, antiques and property, but also such exotic things as a collection of dolls are at stake. Gazeta.Ru has studied how Russian and world celebrities share property.

Runaway princess

In London, the first hearings were held on the divorce proceedings of Princess Haya bin Al-Hussein and Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, Sheikh of Dubai and the Prime Minister of the UAE. Princess Haya has asked the High Court Londe she ensure her state protection from harassment by her husband – that is, the possible threats, harassment and violence against herself and their common children.

Also, the “runaway princess” asks the court to provide state custody for the children, which means that British justice will be able to take over the right to decide their fate. The Sheikh, in turn, insists on full custody, and also wants to return them to Dubai.

This divorce process promises to be resonant, since Princess Haya bint al-Hussein practically fled from her husband with her two children, taking $ 39 million with her.

According to the Associated Press, she is close to the British royal family and owns a £ 85 million home in London. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid is 69 years old and worth an estimated $ 12 billion. Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum personally oversaw the transformation of Dubai. He was at the forefront of the creation of Emirates and the construction of the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa, writes the British The Sun.

“The division of property is always a conflict situation. There were situations when the world ended, but these are isolated cases. Basically, the parties bring their legal claims to the end, ”comments Anastasia Podkovko, head of the Dispute Resolution practice at the Pleshakov, Ushkalov and Partners Law Office.

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