Easy growing plant hacks for your inner gardener 🧑‍🌾🌱

Gardening for beginners: it’s easier than it sounds

Starting to grow vegetables at home is a great way to cut costs a bit. One tomato bush can give you about five kilograms of fruit per season. And in most cases, the taste of homegrown tomato is many times better than the fruits from the supermarket counter. And growing vegetables is quite an interesting undertaking, given that you can literally enjoy the fruits of your efforts. Our tips will help you create the perfect vegetable garden.

Decide what to plant.

This decision is easier than it sounds. If initially everything is correctly planted, you will not need to spend extra time caring for plants. If you are a beginner gardener, start small. Some are too addicted and plant many plants that they don’t need.

First think about how many vegetables your family needs. keep in mind that plants such as tomatoes, peppers and zucchini produce fruits throughout the season, so do not plant them too much. Other crops like carrots, radishes, and corn yield only once.

Determine how much space you need

Once you decide what to plant – think about how much space you are willing to allocate for this. For beginners, a lot of space is not needed. If you decide to grow vegetables in containers, then you will not need a land plot.

Remember that the plants feel good – they need to be given more space. Do not plant densely and plant weeds to get the most out of the plants.

We select the perfect location

Regardless of what you plant, there are basic requirements for the cultivated land:

  1. A lot of sun. Warm-season crops require at least 6-8 hours of direct sunny best per day. The sun also warms up the soil, which is not very popular with parasites, insects and various bacteria. Try to plant where the sun is most.
    If you have not found a sunny spot, you can still grow leafy crops: cabbage, spinach, etc. And in hot areas, green peas will feel good in the shade.
  2. Abundant watering. Most vegetables do not tolerate drought, so it is worthwhile to ensure constant hydration. And do not forget to get hoses and watering to facilitate watering.
  3. Good soil. Any good garden starts with good soil. Most vegetable crops feel good in moist, loose soil rich in nutrients.

Endless choice

When they decided which crops to plant, they most likely drew attention to the variety of varieties. Here you should be extremely careful, because each variety requires different care, more or less space, other properties are resistant to heat or not.

Pick for yourself 2-3 grades of one vegetable. If one of them does not meet your expectations, you will still have two. Next year you will know which varieties are better to take and which are not.

Some types of plants can be bought in the form of formed seedlings. This makes the task even easier.

Fertilizers and care

Each plant responds positively to regular watering and recharge. Try to ensure regular watering when the earth dries to a depth of no more than 2.5 cm.

For climbing plants (peas, beans, cucumbers) provide supports or nets that they can trail around.

Do not forget about weeds. They take away moisture and nutrients from your plants. Weed as soon as you notice sprouting weeds. Slow down the growth of weeds and ensure that moisture is preserved a good layer of mulch from straw or compost.

Fertilizers are a very important aspect. Some gardeners believe that you only need to use organic fertilizers. However, most gardeners do not disdain the products of the chemical industry. The most important thing is to follow the instructions and not apply too much, this will only reduce the yield.


Harvesting is what gardening is all about. Therefore, do not hesitate to reap the fruits of your labors. Remember that some vegetables can be harvested several times a season. There are even cases when you can collect the fruits before they ripen (cucumbers, zucchini, zucchini).


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