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Fashionable must-haves for all time, which is not a pity to spend money

There are things that are out of fashion and time. No matter how many years have passed since their appearance, they will still be in demand and popular. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of such must-haves. They must be in the wardrobe of every girl who wants to be in trend, but does not want to spend a lot of money on clothes and shoes.

1. Chanel Tweed Jacket

The little black dress and tweed jacket were Coco Chanel’s most famous inventions. And if the first one is still spoken about, 93 years after its appearance, then the jacket is less popular. But in vain. The story of his appearance is very entertaining.
Once Gabriel lent tweed sportswear from her beloved Duke of Westminster. The girl liked the fabric so much that in 1924 she agreed with a Scottish factory to produce tweed specifically for her.

However, Coco showed the legendary thing to the public only in 1954, when she turned 70 years old. Refined, elegant, feminine, but at the same time, a strict tweed jacket expected unprecedented success. “I am opposed to fashion that passes quickly,” – this statement of Chanel was the philosophy of all her creations. A short collarless jacket with gold buttons and matching ribbons on the sides really became a product for all time. No wonder his fans were Jacqueline Kennedy, Grace Kelly, Margaret Thatcher and Romy Schneider.

2. Trench Burberry

The legendary thing, a symbol of sophistication, classics, simplicity and practicality, appeared thanks to the inventiveness and inventiveness of Thomas Berbury. In 1879, he invented gabardine, a heat-resistant, breathable, and moisture-resistant fabric that British Army officers immediately appreciated. A little later, Thomas came up with a trench design (translated from English – “trench”), capturing the hearts of such famous people as the writer Bernard Shaw and politician Winston Churchill. And after Elizabeth II issued a special “royal permit” confirming the fact that Burberry is the official supplier of the royal court, Prince Charles began to appear frequently in the cloak.

3. Bag Jackie, Gucci

The accessory appeared in the Gucci collection back in 1940. Then the bag was called Constance and was not too popular among girls. In the shadow, the product remained exactly until Jacqueline Kennedy became interested in it. The first lady of the United States appreciated the brevity, convenience, elegance of the bag and began to appear with her at all events. After the news of the new “favorite” Jacqueline hit the front pages of newspapers, Gucci House felt the approaching success, and named the bag in honor of the First Lady. Since then, everyone wanted to have an accessory, like that of John F. Kennedy’s wife.

After the change of government, Jackie bag lost its relevance. But exactly until the former creative director of Gucci Frida Giannini released her immediately in three lines (Jackie, New Jackie and Jackie Soft) and in all possible shades.

4. Coat 101801, Max Mara

Double-breasted coat 101801 appeared in 1981. Then the girls began to rapidly enter the business sphere and work on an equal footing with men, which meant that fashion required fresh solutions that would suit independent girls. The outerwear of the “relaxed” silhouette of the color of camel hair from the Italian Fashion House became a real bestseller, which again and again returned to the catwalks. Sloping shoulders, patch pockets, a sachet belt, a standard 120-cm length and kimono sleeves – all this offered women freedom and self-confidence.

The coat is still the symbol of Max Mara, 38 years after its creation. Noteworthy is the fact that over the years the design of outerwear has not changed. Only the lining, which was previously made from viscose, became silk. Also, by reservation, you can now embroider your initials on the inside pocket.

5. Bag Galleria, Prada

Compared to other items on this list, Prada’s Galleria bag is relatively young. It appeared only 10 years ago, and received the name in honor of the first store of the brand, which was opened in Milan by Mario Prado (grandfather of Miucci Prada).

Not so long ago, the design of the accessory was changed. Previously, it was made from ribbed leather Saffiano, and in the new collection the product was already made from smooth calfskin City Calf. Also, the bag received a stitching – in black it is made in tone, and in beige and blue – in contrasting color. In addition, modern models can be bought not only in classic black, white, brown colors, but also in brighter ones that are ideal for hot summers.

6. Shoes Vara, Salvatore Ferragamo

Last year, the famous Vara shoes, which Margaret Thatcher and Marilyn Monroe loved to wear, celebrated the 40th anniversary of their birth. Elegant shoes with a bow on a square heel has always been a standard of beauty, elegance and style. According to Novate.ru, now in Vara shoes you can see celebrities such as Olivia Palermo, Lake Bell, Lily Alridge, Asia Baker and others.

Interesting fact: The author of the famous shoes is not Salvatore Ferragamo, the founder of the world famous brand, but his eldest daughter Fiamma. The girl inherited from her father not only the talent of the shoe maker, but also a passion for design.

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