To provide you with a new source of inspiration, we’ve collected 75 fresh home decor ideas here: simple, bold, unexpected, and even a little weird. Modern, classic and exotic – some of them can be embodied with your own hands using improvised means, while others are an example of the perfect combination of various elements of the interior. Enjoy watching!

Modern Home Decor Ideas

Fashionable modern trends in interior decoration: photographs in frames, stacks of books, decor on open shelves, modular paintings, minimalism, Japanese style, etc.

Traditional decor

The traditional decor is distinguished by elegant forms and classic (familiar) design. These are paintings by famous artists, delicate candlesticks, carved furniture, luxurious draperies, sculptures and other elegant things that resonate with everyone.

Tropical and marine decor

Do not know how to use shells, stones, corals and other souvenirs brought from the rest? We offer you 15 interesting ideas for home decor with their application!


Moroccan Home Decor Ideas

Stunning colorful decor in the Moorish style is popular on all continents. Bright Moroccan pillows, ottomans, lamps, baskets and prints can bring an oriental tale to your home.

Eclectic decor

An eclectic style in decorating is such a way of choosing a decor in which elements from different styles look harmoniously in the same interior. Classical furniture and a crazy graphic print on the wall, retro lamps and tribal patterns, thin gilding and rough wood – sometimes it is very difficult to combine such things, but the result is worth it!

We hope that you find here something useful or surprising for yourself. We would be grateful for the feedback. Stay with us!

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