How much do the stars of our favorite TV shows make in one episode?

When we watch our favorite TV series, we never think about how much effort, time and money was spent on their production. But if one can only guess about how the work of the film crew is being built, then it is usually not difficult to find out the cost of acting transformations. After all, many celebrities do not hide the numbers of their fees and are even proud of them.

We at  66outfit love TV shows and everything connected with them. Therefore, we decided to find out how much the stars earn on the set of serial films. And some of the amounts are really impressive.

Sandra Oh – $ 100K (Killing Eve, 2018 – present)

Compared to many of her stellar colleagues, Sandra Oh  earns a modest $ 100,000 per episode. But if you translate her fee into rubles, it will come out not so little – about RUB 7.5 million.

Lucy Liu – $ 150,000 (Elementary, 2012–2019)

The series “Elementary”, which tells about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and his friend Joan Watson, was released on screens for 7 years. During this time, the performer of the role of Watson, Lucy Liu, was paid $ 150 thousand to shoot one episode.


Bob Odenkirk – $ 200,000 (Better Call Saul, 2015-present)

The role of resourceful lawyer Saul Goodman in the TV series “Breaking Bad” brought Bob Odenkirk worldwide fame. Not surprisingly, the actor agreed to play the same character in Better Call Saul. It is reported that during the filming of the first seasons, Bob earned about $ 150 thousand per episode, and now this figure has increased to $ 200 thousand.

Neil Patrick Harris – $ 210,000 (How I Met Your Mother, 2005–2014)

For work on one episode in this series, Neil Patrick Harris was paid $ 210 thousand each. It is not reported how much his colleagues received, but, probably, the salaries of the actors of the popular sitcom were about the same.

David Boreanaz – $ 225 (Bones, 2005-2017)

It is known that David Boryanaz’s earnings amounted to $ 225 thousand per episode, despite the fact that he played a minor character. What were the fees of the actress who played the main character is anyone’s guess. But netizens believe that it is likely much higher.

Brian Cranston – $ 225,000 (Breaking Bad, 2008-2013)

Brian Cranston, who played Walter White on screen for five seasons, had a salary of $ 225,000 per episode. His colleague Aaron Paul received a little less – $ 150 thousand.

It is also known that for his role in the new series “Your Honor” (2019), Brian Cranston was offered an impressive fee – $ 700 thousand.

Winona Ryder and David Harbor – $ 350K (Stranger Things, 2016-present)

The grown-up actors of Stranger Things do not earn much more than the children. For one episode, Winone Ryder and David Harbor are paid $ 350 thousand. Bobby Brown gets the same amount for the role of Eleven Millie, the rest of the young actors are charged about $ 250 thousand per stage.

Jonah Hill and Emma Stone – $ 350,000 (Maniac, 2018)

Although “Maniac” was produced by Netflix as a miniseries, the fees for the actors were quite impressive. Severely thinner John Hill was paid $ 350 thousand per episode. The work of his colleague Emma Stone was estimated at the same amount.

Hugh Laurie – $ 340,000 (Doctor House, 2004-2012)

After playing the smart and cynical Doctor House, Hugh Laurie made a good fortune. For eight seasons, the actor earned £ 258,000 per episode. If you translate this amount into dollars, you will get about $ 340 thousand.

Simon Baker – $ 370 thousand (The Mentalist, 2008-2015)

Simon Baker, who starred in The Mentalist, was paid £ 280,000 per episode by the creators . In dollar terms, the actor’s fee was approximately $ 370 thousand. And at the time of the release of the tape, it was one of the most impressive salaries of serial actors.

Sofia Vergara – $ 500 thousand (American Family, 2009-2020)

Since the release of the first episodes of the series, not only the popularity of Sofia Vergara has increased, but also her fees. It is known that in the first seasons, the actress earned about $ 250 thousand per episode, and  in the last  – twice as much, $ 500 thousand each.

Steve Carell – $ 600K (The Morning Show, 2019 – present)

Actor Steve Carell is almost 2 times behind his star colleagues Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. But, despite this, he gets a good deal : $ 600 thousand per stage.

Jason Momoa – $ 600 (See, 2019 – present)

Apple spends about $ 15 million on the filming of each scene of the “See” series . And the leading actor Jason Momoa is paid $ 600 thousand per episode.

Andrew Lincoln – $ 650,000 (The Walking Dead, 2010-2018)

Believe it or not, the Walking Dead project turns 10 in 2020. Over time, the interest of fans in this story has not faded at all, and the fees of the performers of the main roles have noticeably increased. For example, Andrew Lincoln, who played Rick Grimes from season 1 to 9, received $ 650,000 per episode.

Michael K. Hall – $ 830,000 (Dexter, 2006-2013)

For his role as a serial killer who hunts criminals, Michael K. Hall received up to $ 295 in the first seasons of the series and up to $ 830 in the latter. At the time of the film’s release, this was one of the most impressive acting fees.

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