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How to change the shape of eyebrows?

Such a beauty trend, such as an emphasis on eyebrows, cannot be completely ignored. But to follow it, sometimes you have to not just tint your eyebrows a little more than usual, but completely change their natural shape. If you are ready for this, approach the matter wisely: it is important that the form you want to get fits your type of face and emphasizes its merits. We’ll tell you how to change the shape of eyebrows yourself, at home.


Wide and thick “sable” eyebrows – one of the most common wishes that appeal to brow-masters. Getting started, they first determine what shape the eyebrows should end up in the end.

At the same time, they take into account facial features, but they do not disregard the natural curve of the eyebrows: if you do not take into account the “initial data”, there is a chance that the result will not decorate the image, but, on the contrary, will become its flaw.

Wherever you change the shape of the eyebrows, in the salon or at home, first evaluate your face type and determine which eyebrows will harmoniously complement the image.

Oval face

The task is to make sure that the face after eyebrow correction does not seem elongated. Arched eyebrows in this case are precisely excluded. It is also worth giving up on eyebrows with a high kink, due to which the facial expression will be always surprised or unreasonably strict. It is much better to strive to straighten eyebrows or leave a barely noticeable bend.

Round face

Owners of this type often complain that their features lack sculpture. To add expressiveness to their appearance, they emphasize the cheekbones with a bronzer, trying to achieve the cherished “chiseled” forms. Strengthen the effect can the eyebrows of the “regular” shape. We are talking about eyebrows with a slight break and a pointed “tail”. Clear lines for chubby girls – a way out.

Square face

For girls with a square type of face, the opposite is true. Their features are often too sharp: a wide jaw, sharp cheekbones. This can be visually smoothed due to the soft bending of the eyebrows without corners and kinks. It is best that these be eyebrows-arcs with a slight rise, smoothly turning into a descent closer to the tips. Give preference to medium width: too wide eyebrows will make the image simple, and thin “strings” will look ridiculous against the background of expressive details of appearance.


Narrowing, sharpening at the chin and a wide, sometimes even massive forehead – these are the characteristic features of this type of face. In this case, choosing the shape of the eyebrows, stop on an arcuate with a soft bend. Another option is a barely noticeable kink with a raised “ponytail” (without this, the facial expression will become “sad”).

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