How to round cheeks with makeup?

There are girls who do not need to achieve the visual effect of sunken cheeks and sharply defined cheekbones with makeup – all this is given to them by nature. But sometimes it does not cause enthusiasm, since in some cases it does not look noble, but painful. To achieve harmony with yourself and visually correct what seems like a flaw, you can turn to proven make-up techniques. How to make chubby cheeks and hide cheekbones with makeup at home?


To sculpt the cheekbones and achieve the effect of sunken cheeks , makeup artists, using a bronzer or a special gray-brown powder-sculptor, create a shadow under the cheek bone. The tool is shaded diagonally, and in the end it seems that the cheeks are pulled in, and all the lines of the face tend upward.

Opposite actions will help round your cheeks. There is no need to darken the skin on the cheeks, imitating the hollow under the cheekbones with the help of cosmetics. Pay more attention to the “apples” of the cheeks. Blend on them a blush, so that the color goes down a little lower, but not under the cheekbones. Plus, you need a decent indentation from the hairline and the main contour of the face.

One of the recent trends in working with blush can come in handy if you want to make your cheeks too thin visually rounder (you can find useful makeup hacks for a thin face in general here ). At the shows, many make-up artists showed a shade of blush to their temples.

It is not necessary to completely copy the images from the podium. You can adopt the general principle – and capture large areas with blush, “stretching” the color upward. This visually rounds the face.Highlighting techniques will help to enhance the effect. Since light shades and radiant textures visually increase volumes, they can be used on the cheeks to create a more rounded impression. Apply a highlighter, focusing on areas that protrude against other facial features, and then blend.

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