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Monetizing Words: 11 Ways To Make Money From Writing

11 Ways To Make Money From Writing

We live in the era of text space. It surrounds us everywhere – on TV and computer screens, on the street and at work, in art books and reference books. Text is the main carrier of information, and there are countless ways to make money on it. We have collected the most trendy and interesting for you in a selection.


The most “free” and obvious area for a writer today and a way to win an audience. Topics for blogs are numerous and varied, and even with a little knowledge in any area, you can become a successful blogger, being able to present material and advertise yourself. The object can be your hobby, passion, philosophical and political views, relationships with people, parenting, fashion industry, “pen tests” and much more.

To create a blog, the Internet space provides many platforms with their own specific features and unique capabilities. This is social. networks (Instagram, VK, Facebook, etc.), and platforms created specifically for bloggers. Most popular with newbies: WordPress and uCoz. You can find out how to make money on Instagram in our article .

All that remains is to choose a platform that seems optimal to you in terms of presentation of material, ease of use and monetization opportunities. Remember, starting a blog is the very first step. In order for writing thematic posts to be profitable for you, you need to work hard, communicate with your audience and, of course, write engaging and useful notes that will become attractive to your readers and create a permanent audience for you. Only 10% of bloggers achieve their goal of making money writing texts.

There are enough examples when a blogger reaches fame and earns millions from his brainchild. A blog that is included in the top 10 most famous blogs in the world, “Business Insider” is dedicated to various information about business and was founded in 2009 by Kevin P. Ryan. Today it is considered one of the most reliable providers of such information, since all content comes from reputable sources. All analytical news are published an hour after their appearance in the media, for which 45 experienced journalists constantly “monitor” the events. Kevin P. Ryan estimates the blog’s net worth is $ 3 million.

However, the most popular today are bloggers in social networks, who not only earn from blogging, but also become famous media personalities – they sign contracts with large advertising companies, create their own brand, become “gurus” in their field and an authoritative expert in it.

Content management

Content manager is a specialist engaged in the study, search, writing and editing of materials that will be published on the website, in social networks or on an information resource. In addition to the selection of textual information, he can also be engaged in the creation or search of illustrations and photographs. The industries in which the profession is in demand are numerous. These are internet marketing, e-education, web portals, etc.


The salary of a content manager depends on the amount of work and the form of remuneration and can be up to 40-50 thousand rubles per month. However, you can run several sites at once and then the level of your income will be proportional to the amount of your time and the ability to write many texts at the same time.

Writing scientific articles, diplomas and coursework

Currently, there are a large number of sites for the execution of works of this kind. To become one of the authors you need to either:

a) attach a copy of your higher education diploma and take a test in the field in which you intend to write work;
b) if you are a candidate or doctor, it is enough to send the employer a scan of the relevant document.

The salary of such a specialist directly depends on professionalism and energy and can range from 2,000 rubles for a term paper to $ 10,000 for a dissertation. Platforms where you can start making money right now: na-zakaz-diplom.ru; nauchniestati.ru; trovit.com and many others on the Internet.


Copywriter – author of advertising texts, slogans, scripts of commercials on television and radio. Such texts should sell the goods and services of clients, so good copywriters who are able to create really effective advertising texts are highly valued in advertising agencies. However, at present, exchanges for copywriters and freelancers (Etxt.ru, Text.ru, Copylancer.ru, fl.ru) are popular, where anyone can pick up an interesting order and, having completed it, receive a reward without leaving home.


Knowledge of foreign languages ​​can be a means of your income. You can work as a translator for a company, be a member of the staff and carry out corporate orders of a company, or from home, visiting various freelance exchanges in search of optimal projects. Depending on which language you speak, your earnings vary at this level. The highest paid translators in Russia are translators from Japanese and Chinese (salaries can range from 40 thousand rubles a month or more), as well as from English (from 20 thousand rubles) and French (up to 65 thousand rubles). Job search sites are full of a variety of offers, and even if you speak Hungarian or Farsi, you will definitely not be left without a job.

Proofreading / editing / rewriting

All three areas are associated not so much with creativity and creation as with impeccable literacy and attention.


The proofreader deals with grammar and punctuation. It checks the text for the number of errors and compliance with the formatting standards. such a specialist can be either a full-time employee or work from home, using the already mentioned freelance exchanges (for example, freelance.youdo.com, etc.). A full-time proofreader at a publishing house or editorial office can count on $ 600-1000 per month. Freelance proofreaders charge from $ 1 per 1000 signs for their services.


There are different editors :


  • Literary – their duty is to prepare a book for publication, making corrections, but not distorting the author’s intention and manner of writing. The work of literary editors is the aerobatics of editing;
  • Technical: they provide high quality printing. It is thanks to them that the reader receives a beautiful and easy-to-read text;
  • Scientific: These editors are always narrow specialists in a particular area of ​​expertise.

The salary of an editor directly depends on the number of projects. Thus, full-time specialists earn on average from 23 to 55 thousand rubles a month. A good editor in a large publication can count on an individual salary – everything is in your hands.

Rewriters write texts based on other texts (retelling in their own words). The rewriting profession is in demand on the Internet; many job offers can be found on freelance exchanges. A rewriter can earn 10 – 20 thousand rubles a month, depending on the workload, the presence of regular customers, the level of customers, productivity and the time he devotes to work.

Creation of excursions and guides


An incredibly creative and fun way to make money. A person who has a certain depth of art history and historical knowledge and is able to express his thoughts gracefully and concretely can write texts about sights, cultural and historical events and monuments, describe paintings, sculptures and architectural ensembles. It is quite difficult to establish the level of salary – it all depends on the specifics of your job. A guide of urban space, perfectly orienting himself on the terrain and knowing all the myths and legends associated with his subject of work, can also publish an excellent guide and earn not only a significant amount of money, but also fame.


Another interesting way to make money writing text is to monetize impressions in the Yandex.Zen service. On the site you register and after 5 minutes you can start writing the first articles. In order for your blog to become successful, it is recommended to choose a certain topic: politics, women’s topics, diets and recipes, or mysteries of the ancient world – the list of topics is quite extensive, the main thing is to stick to a certain track so that the service algorithm can increase your impressions. Here are the basic requirements for a successful copy that will definitely start to make a profit:

  • Text volume: from 800 characters for each article; 
  • The text should be divided into paragraphs, subheadings are required (if any); 
  • Uniqueness is not less than 90% according to Text.ru.

At first, it will be difficult for the algorithm to find a suitable audience for your channel, usually it requires publishing 5-10 articles, but more often than not this is not enough. If your impressions aren’t enough for the first few days, try tagging. But not in a special field for tags (since this function is still in test mode), but right under one of the pictures in your post. Try to make headlines and article previews as attractive as possible, but don’t overdo it so you don’t get caught on clickbait. Within a week, income from one information channel can be from 500 rubles per day. Everything, again, is in your hands. Also Yandex.Zen can be useful for existing projects

Book writing

We have prepared a separate article on how to sell your book . In addition to professional skills and knowledge, writing a book requires a certain talent and mastery of the syllable. If you see potential in yourself and are ready to work hard and hard, then for you (as a novice author) there are many platforms where you can put your works on public display for constructive criticism or recognition. These are such Internet resources as:

  • Samizdat is the oldest online magazine with a huge library and millions of readers.
  • Litera is a successfully developing resource for both beginners and established authors. It is attractive not only for its convenient functionality and a successful system of paid subscriptions for a work, but also for competitions from publishers, and in almost every competition the names of such publishing “bison” as EKSMO or AST appear in the annotations. The readership is not as large as on Samizdat, but the Lit-Era project is still young, and it has everything ahead of it, just like its authors.
  • Proza.ru and Poetry.ru are two of the oldest literary portals for self-publishing. Prose.ru has a good reviews section and a developed discussion thread. True, the authors themselves read, discuss and review each other, the readership on Prose.ru is smaller than on the same Samizdat. However, the platform is simple and convenient, there are more than 240,000 authors (at the time of this writing), plus there is a discussion of national awards (“Writer of the Year”, “People’s Writer”, etc., and the Poet of the Year on the Poetry.ru portal).

Wages for fiction writers range from zero to millions of dollars, depending on circulation and demand.


Screenwriters work for advertising agencies, film studios, theaters and event agencies. The services of such a specialist are in great demand in the market. It is quite difficult to calculate how much a screenwriter earns, since many of them work on their own, their earnings can vary significantly from the presence or absence of orders. However, based on open vacancies, you can see that the scriptwriter’s salary ranges from 15,000 to 80,000 rubles per month.

Writing poetry / literary evenings

Unlike a writer, a professional poet, whose literary work will bring income, it is rather difficult to become, but it is possible. Increasingly, poets hold small poetry evenings, for the entrance to which, like any other entertainment event, they charge a symbolic fee. The cost of the admission ticket will vary depending on the location, the degree of popularity of the poet and his poems, and the participants involved in organizing the event. Also, a poet can print his own collection and receive a percentage of sales for this. Again, everything is purely individual.

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