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    1-minute stretching exercises that will save you from back pain

    Most people working in the office at the computer are familiar with the excruciating pain in the back caused by hours of sedentary work. Many caring companies create special areas for the comfortable relaxation of their employees. But if you are not already working in such a place or if your superiors are only thinking about creating […]

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    Why are women who have not entered into a relationship so happy

    When it comes to dating, smart women are as picky as possible. They would rather wait for a suitable person than enter into a relationship, succumbing to social pressure. According to a recent survey , more and more women prefer to remain independent and enjoy their own company. The reason is simple: they feel happier. In our society, the absence […]

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    10 simple exercises to beat back pain and strengthen your abs

    Bonus Stretch

    The causes of back pain can be different, but it is often caused by the fact that the spine is poorly supported by the adjacent muscles. The cortex muscles, especially oblique ones, are connected with the muscles of the lower back, and the stronger they are, the more support the spine receives. Performing these exercises, you will […]