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What happens if you eat garlic every day

Garlic is a plant that each of us has tried at least once in a lifetime. We are so used to it that we do not notice the uniqueness of this product. Did you know that the beneficial properties of garlic are not limited to protection against colds?

trendingonplanet tells you why you need to eat garlic regularly.

1. You will become more desirable

Garlic makes men more attractive. In fact, it was always believed that the smell of garlic discourages any desire to communicate. However, recent studies prove  this is a mistake. True, to please a woman, you need to eat a couple of cloves of garlic 12 hours before goodbye.

It turns out that women are crazy about the smell of the body of a man who ate garlic on the eve. It is still difficult for scientists to say what explains this phenomenon. Perhaps the reason is the  antimicrobial properties of the plant: they make the smell of sweat not so harsh.

2. The immunity will increase

Garlic protects against viruses and colds – our grandmothers knew about this. And now, scientists have also confirmed folk wisdom: in order not to get sick in winter, you need to regularly eat garlic. That’s because it contains a bunch of vitamins, healthy oils and amino acids. And allicin  is an organic compound that kills bacteria and fungi.

Important. For garlic to protect you from illness, it must be fresh. Allicin is formed only by mechanical destruction of plant cells, that is, when it is cut or crushed. In case of damage to the integrity of the clove its components are mixed and form an antimicrobial compound. And heating kills almost all the beneficial properties of garlic.

3. The pressure will return to normal

If you suffer from high blood pressure, add garlic to your diet. It dilates blood vessels and  lowers blood pressure. And with the pressure, headaches and an increased load on the heart also disappear. To fight hypertension, you need to eat 4 cloves of garlic per day. In addition, garlic reduces the level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood by 10-15%. What does this mean for us? The risk of getting heart disease or stroke is almost halved.

We warn that this method cannot be used as the only therapy, and before using garlic or dietary supplements based on it, you need to consult your doctor.

4. Memory will be better than before

According to one  theory , the human body and brain are aging due to a chemical oxidation reaction. We burn food and oxygen, and in return produce energy. But over time, this process destroys cells: the skin becomes flabby, and the mind is not as sharp as before. Antioxidants fight excessive oxidation and help us stay young.

Pharmaceutical companies sell antioxidant supplements for crazy money. And in ordinary garlic contains a lot of components that prevent brain aging, and it costs very little. Older people avoid the risk of Alzheimer’s when using it, while younger ones can improve their memory and brain performance. And all that is needed is to regularly eat garlic.

5. Increased stamina

Garlic makes the heart and muscles work more efficiently. If you play sports, then eating this plant will improve your results. In ancient Greece, where they had not heard of any doping, the Olympians were fed garlic, and they fled and pushed the core better than their rivals. However, this product will also be useful for people far from sports: it relieves fatigue, improves performance and  helps to survive the cold season.

6. Your hair and skin will bounce back.

  • Hair. Garlic makes hair long, thick and even treats focal alopecia. True, to achieve this effect, it must be applied to the scalp. Fortunately, cosmetics manufacturers have learned to make odorless garlic hair oil .
  • Leather. Fibroblasts (cells that are responsible for skin renewal) respond positively to garlic. It is enough to eat 2 cloves of garlic per day to establish the production of natural collagen and elastin.
  • Sun protection. The components that are contained in garlic protect against photoaging. The sun’s rays will not dry the skin if there is more garlic.

7. And the teeth will stop hurting

Due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, garlic is good for the oral cavity. It kills harmful microbes that cause deposits to form and  heals sore gums. And this useful product also reduces the risk of tooth decay. If you regularly eat garlic, then you will have to see a dentist less often.

8. You will start to lose weight

For those who follow the figure, this product is also very useful, and here’s why:

  • As a result of complex chemical reactions, Ajoyen activates special enzymes in the blood and  destroys fat deposits. Perhaps obesity drugs will soon be made from ordinary garlic.
  • With an unbalanced diet, garlic blocks fast weight gain. Excess calories that enter the body if you eat improperly will burn. If there is enough garlic, of course.

Bonus: contraindications

However, even such a superfood has contraindications. In some cases, garlic can be dangerous:

  • Doctors do not recommend eating a lot of garlic during pregnancy and lactation. And children under 7 years of age should use it sparingly.
  • 2 weeks before planned operations, garlic is not worth it: it dilutes the blood and can cause bleeding.
  • If skin and garlic products get on the skin, they can cause a semblance of a burn. Before use, consult your doctor.
  • For animals, this is poison . Especially for cats and Japanese dog breeds (Akita Inu, Shiba Inu).

Doctors say that a healthy person without fear can consume up to 4 cloves of garlic per day and feel great. Do you add garlic to dishes? Or are you afraid of a pungent smell?

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