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What happens to the body if you lift your legs up for 20 minutes every day

We are used to living at a fast pace and constantly moving forward. That is why effective exercises are now highly valued, the implementation of which does not require much effort and time. For example, one of them in just 20 minutes a day will help get rid of fatigue and greatly improve your well-being.

trendingonplanet learned the essence of this exercise in detail and learned how to get the most out of it.

Raise the legs correctly

  1. Sit back against the wall and place a pillow or cushion under your lower back.
  2. Lift your legs and stretch them up along the wall. Hands at this time should be along the body and be completely relaxed.
  3. Stay in this position for 15-20 minutes.

Important! Clothing should not interfere with the free circulation of blood. Choose the most comfortable and free things without elastic bands at the waist and ankles.

Of course, lying still for 20 minutes can hardly be called a classic exercise. Much more like  yoga or some kind of relaxation technique. Nevertheless, such a pastime is of great benefit to our circulatory system.

The only limitation for this exercise is a recent or chronic leg or back injury. In addition, beginners often make several mistakes: they get too far from the wall or right next to it, and also put a roller under the head. This leads to muscle tension and disrupts the alignment of the spine.

If you perform leg lifting regularly, without missing a single day, then very soon you will feel a number of pleasant changes.

1. The feeling of heaviness in the legs will disappear

Swelling and heaviness in the legs are always associated with circulatory disorders. Among the causes of this condition can be malfunctions of the heart or kidneys, overweight and malnutrition.

Of course, first of all, the cause of edema should be eliminated and treatment determined. But this exercise can be an excellent application for therapy, because lifting the legs up helps to establish normal blood circulation.

2. Permanent fatigue from heels will go away

No one disputes that heels are beautiful. However, the habit of constantly wearing such shoes provides poor health services: due to improper distribution of the load on the muscles, women often experience pain and heaviness in their legs.

After a full day in high heels, it will be helpful to lie down with your legs up. Arriving home, take off your shoes, raise your legs on the wall and relax.

The fact is that by the end of the day our legs get quite tired. They need to give rest by changing the position of the body and establishing a venous outflow. In addition to the exercise, you can massage your legs and take a contrast shower.

3. Improving digestion

Lying with raised legs improves bowel function . Due to the outflow of excess blood from the legs, blood supply to the internal organs increases and the tone of the smooth muscles increases, which determines intestinal motility (wave-like muscle contractions needed to move overcooked food). At the same time, increased circulation improves the digestive glands.

If you are not lazy and perform this exercise all the time, this will lead to a more complete assimilation of all the beneficial nutrients that enter our body with food.

4. The tension of the nervous system will go away

In this position, we relax and breathe more air . Tissues are saturated with oxygen, and blood begins to circulate better through the vessels, nourishing and supplying all organs with useful substances.

This, in turn, has a beneficial effect on the state of the nervous system and allows you to relieve muscle tension in the temples, neck and abdomen.

5. Sleep will be strong and deep

The cause of insomnia is often unpleasant sensations in the legs (goosebumps, burning or bursting). Regular lifting of the legs allows you to get rid of all these phenomena. Moreover, due to proper breathing and established blood circulation, the brain is better saturated with oxygen, which means that sleep will become stronger and deeper.

Being in such a state can even be compared with a kind of meditation, when we distract from everything secondary, and the body and mind are immersed in complete calm.

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