Where to find freelancers for your business and how much to pay them

Starting a startup is not an easy task. To say that entrepreneurs are very busy people is to say nothing.

In fact, few startups have all the qualities necessary for their business, and, accordingly, can save on hired employees. In most cases, you still have to allocate a budget to pay professionals.

It is no secret that of the many problems of the new startup, the largest is a lack of funds.

Therefore, many companies prefer to hire freelancers first until the business is on its feet. At an early stage, this is a great idea that saves money, eliminates paperwork and allows you to bypass the adaptation period.

By working with people on a contract basis, you get highly qualified personnel and, at the same time, do not bind yourself with long-term obligations. From the point of view of financial management, this is an ideal solution.

Since freelance most often involves remote work, you get access to the widest possible list of talents and you can find the person who will best complement your team.

However, here there are some nuances. Each freelancer sets his own prices, and it’s not easy to predict the outcome of cooperation.

It is often difficult to understand whether a person really puts up such an impressive price tag because he has remarkable talent, or is the low price equivalent to mediocre abilities?

Low cost is always suspicious, and paying an overpriced bid, there is a risk of sagging your starting budget.

Where to find good freelancers

One of the great advantages of working with freelancers is the ability to hire people from other parts of the world.

Why not? It makes no sense to limit yourself geographically if there is an excellent specialist in another city or country who will remotely do his job no worse than those who will be in the office.

3 platforms that help you find talented freelancers around the world:

  1. Upwork.

This is real freelance titanium.

The number of categories (and there are dozens of them) makes it easy to place several contract assignments on the same platform and find qualified specialists without any problems. This resource is indispensable for taking your startup to a whole new level.

Specialists of various fields live here: copywriters, SEOs, software developers, financial consultants, civil engineers, lawyers. Everything is at arm’s length.

After publication, interested specialists make bids on your assignment, and you have a great opportunity to conduct interviews and choose the best candidate.

In fact, this is an optimized way to find talented artists. A large concentration of professionals on one resource greatly simplifies your search.

  1. Toptal.

This platform has certain personnel specifics – here, mainly developers, designers and financial experts are gathered here.

But you can also find high-class copywriters who will provide you with quality content on a contract basis.

The developer category includes programmers, IT architects, and software developers, which together cover hundreds of technologies.

At Toptal, you can easily find a specialist in any field of visual arts – from UX to Photoshop and animation.

Some financial experts are focused on startups, including areas such as financing, venture capital consulting, or offer their services as temporary financial directors.

The bonus from the creators of the platform is something like a trial period for each project. That is, in case of your refusal from the selected contractor, you are protected from financial sanctions by the administration.

Toptal system takes into account all your requirements for the contractor and selects candidates for you based on the criteria you specify.

The platform’s feature is highly qualified specialists with a large portfolio, experience and strong skills that ensure high quality. And for the quality you have to pay.

  1. Fiverr.

This platform has come a really long way.

Initially, the platform was created with the idea of ​​“reducing” customers who need a little help with people who are willing to do this for $ 5. Hence the name – Fiverr (five – five).

Thus, the platform has long remained a place where priority tasks were those with a budget of $ 5. This greatly limited the ability of qualified performers.

Fiverr is now more than just a freelance platform.

Here you can find digital marketing professionals, video editors, writers, logo designers, programmers.

The service provides access to trusted professionals, increasing your chances of finding real talents quickly and efficiently.

And now the budget and complexity of the tasks are no longer limited and can be hundreds of dollars per task.

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